That's like saying "cause I said so"
Fri Aug 17, 2018 20:58

Norah was not pleased to have fallen like she did. It was mortifying and she hoped that this boy wasn't going to go around talking about it because she wasn't sure that she could handle that kind of negative attention. Negative attention was the worst and while the young girl really liked all sorts of attention, she could definitely go without the bad kind. If this boy told anyone about her falling on the grass, well that would be very very very bad attention. She thought maybe he would laugh at her and go to tell everyone about it, but he was holding out his hand to help her up.

Maybe it wasn't so bad that she fell. Norah peered up at the boy from beneath blonde bangs as he talked about how they had both fallen. That was right! He had fallen too because she had scared him! That made it easy. If he told people she slipped, Norah would tell everyone that a big bad boy had been scared of a little thump. That would show him. But of course, that was only if he went around blabbing and drawing all the bag attention Norah's way. In the meantime, he was being pretty nice about the whole thing. The Lyra gave him a smile and took his hand, letting him help her up. "Thank you," she said, brushing off her clothes and making sure that she hadn't hurt them at all when she'd fallen down. Thankfully, they were just damp and didn't have a yucky mark on them. The boy was talking again and she realized that he was asking about the slippery grass. Wiping a damp hand on her pants, she nodded.

"Yeah, it was a little wet and slippery," Norah said, leaning over to pick up the broom she had dropped. It wasn't hurt at all and that was good because she didn't want to have to explain to the School people why a broom was broken. That would be even worse than Wall Boy telling everyone that she had fallen on her butt. Because they might tell Mama and Papa and then Brynjolf would know and THAT would be the worst thing ever. Almost in a hurry, Wall Boy talked again. Keith was a funny name, not really like the names of her cousins or family, but most people at Rocky Mountain had funny names. Norah liked Wall Boy better, but maybe she would just call him that in her head. "I'm Norah Nilssen," she answered back, giving him a nod and sending blonde curls in a frenzy. "I was just trying to work on teaching myself to take care of a broom when I uh - slipped."

  • It just is! - Keith, Wed Aug 8 17:34
    Keith unlatched himself from the rock wall, and he landed like one often did while using a port key a bit of stumble but an excellent recovery after all. He noticed the girl who had made the noise... more
    • That's like saying "cause I said so" - Norah, Fri Aug 17 20:58
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