Eugene Hardie
Deep cover
Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:46

The ghosts were smarter than Eugene had expected. They hadn’t even shown their faces at Halloween and that had to be the biggest party night of the year for the dead/not-dead folk. He’d left a trail of pumpkin pie, spent the night decked head to toe in black and curled up behind an armchair just waiting for one to appear- but nothing. He hadn’t noticed so much as a temperature drop. And pumpkin pie was like almost impossible to resist- as Eugene later discovered when he admitted defeat and began collecting the pieces of pie to deposit directing into his mouth. It was clear from that moment on that RMI’s ghosts must be very patience and have a lot of self-restraint. You’d have to be patient to be a ghost he supposed. A lot of floating around waiting for your pals to die so you could fly over lakes and mountains together, well that’s what Eugene would do if he was a ghost, anyway. Eugene was actually beginning to think that he’d make a good ghost when the time came. Like he was obviously super patient or he’d have given up on ghost hunting club by now.

The club was still the best kept secret at RMI which, although good and all for hunting ghosts, did mean that calling it a club when it mostly consisted of just Eugene, was a bit generous. But the important thing was Eugene’s enthusiasm was as strong as ever and he was ready to go all in. The original plan had been to watch the ghosts from a distance, study their ways so when the moment was right he could blend in and be mistaken for one of their own. But it was clear that approach wasn’t going to work. It was time to skip ahead and launch the covert operation.

He’d picked a Saturday to commence Operation Pasty Face because he’d have no classes so people wouldn’t be all up in his business and give the game away- except maybe, Leopold, so he’d made sure to leave his brother a note saying he was just waaay too busy to hang out today (but they could still have breakfast tomorrow, lots of love, Eugene).

Eugene woke even earlier than usual but resisted the temptation to begin the morning with a song, like he usually did. Instead he tiptoed past his roommate and donned the white sheet with solemn determination before slowly setting off (ghosts never rushed about anything) on a walk around the school, eventually making his way toward the Quidditch Pitch. So far things had gone off without incident but Eugene had been shocked to discover how difficult it was moving around when you were a ghost. The sheet trailed along the ground, picking up dust and dirt, and curling itself around his ankles in a traitorous attempt to trip him up. It didn’t help that he could barely see anything out of the jagged eye holes and the sheet kept flapping into his mouth if he gulped down air too greedily. It shouldn’t have been a surprise then when he was circling the pitch and all of a sudden, the ground went out from under him, but it was and Eugene tumbled forward, blindly pushing his hands against the pale fabric, as a little squeak of terror escaped from his throat.

    • Maybe a little too deep - Mikael Lundqvist, Mon Sep 24 16:15
      A brand-new thing this year was that Anssi had decided to try out for the Quidditch team. His big brother Ruben had played lots of Quidditch at RMI, and except for the fact how they both had blonde... more
      • Just trying to blend in - Eugene, Sat Sep 29 12:37
        Eugene flopped about on the ground, growing increasingly agitated, he was sure the sheet had gotten bigger and grown to cover the entire Quidditch Pitch, because no matter how much Eugene rolled... more
        • I guess I'm joining now - Anssi, Sun Sep 30 22:13
          “A ghost?” Anssi echoed, baffled at how a moving blanket was supposed to be a ghost. He could not claim to be an expert about ghosts, but from what he did know for certain, ghosts were mostly or... more
          • Once you're in there's no going back - Eugene, Wed Oct 3 19:07
            You couldn’t give away secrets to just anyone. That wasn’t how it was supposed to work. So Eugene was going to have to make sure the blonde boy wasn’t ‘just anyone'. “I’m Eugene, ‘they’ are the... more
            • Down and down and deeper - Anssi, Mon Oct 8 17:36
              The younger boy introduced himself as Yoo-jeen, which took him a bit by surprise. Not that it was an unusual name. There was a big variety of different names at RMI, and Anssi was very aware that his ... more
              • Looks like I caught a mole - Eugene, Thu Oct 25 08:43
                Eugene, at least in theory, understood that foreign peoples lived at RM, for example, his brother’s girlfriend was from Wales, an island where people worshipped sheep and never, ever , ate them. But... more
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