Mikael Lundqvist
Maybe a little too deep
Mon Sep 24, 2018 16:15

A brand-new thing this year was that Anssi had decided to try out for the Quidditch team. His big brother Ruben had played lots of Quidditch at RMI, and except for the fact how they both had blonde hair, he was very aware that he and Ruben were not similar physically. Or at all, but that was not so relevant to Quidditch... although if Ruben was the type of person to be causing so much hurt to one of the funniest-nicest girls ever, then maybe it was making sense that he was also the type of person to like hitting balls at other people and trying to break their bones. That seemed to be the only attitude he had about playing Quidditch. Ruben did not care about points, only injury. In contrast, Anssi's opinion about injury was that he would prefer to not cause it to others or have it caused to him. So he had tried out for Chaser, and won the spot, and now he was on the team for real. And thinking that it might have been a mistake to join.

If he hadn't joined the Quidditch team, and realized that he enjoyed playing it, and realized that he was better at it than he expected, and realized that he wanted to learn even more about the sport, then he might not have had the random thought that he could try using a Beater's bat. To be most specific, the random thought where he had a bat and then Ruben came to watch him at a game and whack. If even Kit could be a Beater and sometimes hit people, then it would be easy to learn him how as well, right? But then Anssi had realized what he was thinking and how wrong it was to be thinking about. Whacking Ruben would not fix it because he knew that Ruben would just let himself be hit and that would not help him feel better because he might have talked to Kaye by now and she should whack him instead and he would probably also just let her do it because whacking people was just the wrong thing to do except it was not in this case

Anssi's circling thought-sentences paused when he heard a noise outside. Blue eyes blinking down, he realized he was holding a bat, turned beet-red, stuffed it back into the equipment bin, picked up the practice Quaffle he had originally been looking for, and left.

Outside of the shed, not right outside but close enough to explain how he had heard it, there was a white pile of fabric. It was moving. A bit suspiciously, Anssi took three careful steps closer, hugging the Quaffle to his chest as if it would help to defend him or offend him. "Are you being a person or an animal?" he challenged the so-far unidentified white lump. "Or just a magic moving blanket?" He couldn't imagine the purpose of making a blanket that could flop around, be disruptive, and wiggle. But wizards could be very strange sometimes and their reasons for doing things not often making sense. To example it, previous to attending school here he hadn't been able to imagine the purpose of a broom that could fly, so Anssi guessed he should not assume that magic moving blankets did not exist. If the blanket could not talk too, however, then it was going to be hard to know it was meant to be doing the other moving things...

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    • Maybe a little too deep - Mikael Lundqvist, Mon Sep 24 16:15
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        Eugene flopped about on the ground, growing increasingly agitated, he was sure the sheet had gotten bigger and grown to cover the entire Quidditch Pitch, because no matter how much Eugene rolled... more
        • I guess I'm joining now - Anssi, Sun Sep 30 22:13
          “A ghost?” Anssi echoed, baffled at how a moving blanket was supposed to be a ghost. He could not claim to be an expert about ghosts, but from what he did know for certain, ghosts were mostly or... more
          • Once you're in there's no going back - Eugene, Wed Oct 3 19:07
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            • Down and down and deeper - Anssi, Mon Oct 8 17:36
              The younger boy introduced himself as Yoo-jeen, which took him a bit by surprise. Not that it was an unusual name. There was a big variety of different names at RMI, and Anssi was very aware that his ... more
              • Looks like I caught a mole - Eugene, Thu Oct 25 08:43
                Eugene, at least in theory, understood that foreign peoples lived at RM, for example, his brother’s girlfriend was from Wales, an island where people worshipped sheep and never, ever , ate them. But... more
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