Once you're in there's no going back
Wed Oct 3, 2018 19:07

You couldn’t give away secrets to just anyone.

That wasn’t how it was supposed to work. So Eugene was going to have to make sure the blonde boy wasn’t ‘just anyone'.

“I’m Eugene, ‘they’ are the ghosts” he said, reaching up to grab the boy’s hand which was currently busy keeping the sheet from collapsing in on his face, and attempted to give him a hearty handshake. He was about to repeat the process with the other hand when he spotted the Quaffle under the boy’s arm. “You’re a Quidditch player,” he stated, “that’s good. We might have to you need to be able to run if you sit on broomsticks all the time?" Eugene wasn't a very good runner. He was short for his age and it didn't help that he often got bored halfway through a sprint. He had a habit of stopping in the middle of a race to see if he was any better running backwards- so far this had not proven to be a successful tactic but the trial was still in the early phases. "I don’t play Quidditch, Leopold said there weren’t any spaces left, but I am good at hiding,” he finished smugly.

Before Eugene had begun hiding from ghosts he had spent a lot of time hiding from his little sisters, the inventors of Egg Eugene. The game had gotten old very fast for Eugene who could no longer look at an omelette without wincing, and had resulted in a household ban on purchasing eggs-which Eugene was glad to report had been strictly enforced for the past two years.

“I’m pretending to be a ghost so I can be friends with the ghosts,” Eugene explained,“but I think they’ve figured it all out and now, now they’re out to get me.” He had thought he was being very brave about his near death experience, but as he confided in the older boy, Eugene heard his voice tremble and felt a stinging sensation behind his eyes. “Excuse me, one moment” he mumbled, before shuffling one hundred and eighty degrees to the right. Face now hidden from view, Eugene pushed his glasses on top of his head, and pulled the sheet even closer to himself, using the bed-sheet as a tissue he quickly began wiping his eyes dry. Once satisfied the moment of hysterics had passed, he swivelled into view of his companion as though the interlude had not happened and adopted a serious expression.

“We’re going to have to strike back first. It’s super important they know not to mess with us.” He frowned. How do you get back at a ghost if they’re just conniving fog men with the power to be invisible? It was unlikely an airborne egg would be a very effective means of attack, how very fortunate then, that he had made an older new friend in his hour of need.

“What do you know about ghost defence mechanisms?”

  • I guess I'm joining now - Anssi, Sun Sep 30 22:13
    “A ghost?” Anssi echoed, baffled at how a moving blanket was supposed to be a ghost. He could not claim to be an expert about ghosts, but from what he did know for certain, ghosts were mostly or... more
    • Once you're in there's no going back - Eugene, Wed Oct 3 19:07
      • Down and down and deeper - Anssi, Mon Oct 8 17:36
        The younger boy introduced himself as Yoo-jeen, which took him a bit by surprise. Not that it was an unusual name. There was a big variety of different names at RMI, and Anssi was very aware that his ... more
        • Looks like I caught a mole - Eugene, Thu Oct 25 08:43
          Eugene, at least in theory, understood that foreign peoples lived at RM, for example, his brother’s girlfriend was from Wales, an island where people worshipped sheep and never, ever , ate them. But... more
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