Alistair Hazelhurst
Books are a wonderful thing
Mon Jan 16, 2017 17:23

Alistair smiled as Connor introduced himself. "Pleasure to meet you Connor. I'm in Cetus as well." Watching Connor, Alistair could tell that he was trying to put on a mature face in front of himself and Beatriz, another trait he'd noticed from some of the older boys at church. But he seemed nice enough, and unlike Beatriz, Connor didn't seem to be putting on airs. I wonder why he's trying to act so professionally. Alistair wondered to himself as he felt the cool disc beneath his arm.

Al noticed that Beatriz was staring at two tires that seemed to be closer to them than the box he had just noticed, and listened to her carefully as she explained her thought process for what she wanted them to do next. "Makes perfect sense to me." Alistair replied, setting his disc down and pulling out his wand.

He distinctly remembered going to the wand shop with his grandfather, who had been far more supportive of RMI than his grandmother had been. The wandmaker had been very particular about pulling out different wands for Alistair to try, and he remembered seemingly standing there for hours, holding different wands and trying to make something happen while he was waving them.

The final wand he held, his wand, had fit almost perfect when he put it in his hand. Eleven inches, unicorn horn, willow. The specifications made no sense to him at the time, and they still didn't really make any sense. But for some reason, it just felt, right. He remembered waving it in a circle and aiming it into the air, and a burst of blue and green fireworks erupted before him.

Bless my heart... Alistair remembered his grandfather saying, not with any sense of shame, but with an almost strange sense of pride.

So as Alistair stared at the closer tire to them, he took a deep breath and recalled the incantation, and wand motions that Professor McKindy had used. "Wingardium Leviosa."

As he started slowly flicking his wand in a strict, but small pattern, he was shocked as the tire slowly began to float up and twist around in an almost dance-like fashion. He could feel a rather silly grin break out onto his face as the tire continued to float up, until it was about six or so feet in the air.

"Bless my soul, magic is great." Alistair whispered, trying to keep his elation from moving the tire any higher than it already was.

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    • Books are a wonderful thing - Alistair Hazelhurst, Mon Jan 16 17:23
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