Down and down and deeper
Mon Oct 8, 2018 17:36

The younger boy introduced himself as Yoo-jeen, which took him a bit by surprise. Not that it was an unusual name. There was a big variety of different names at RMI, and Anssi was very aware that his name was also unusual to an American perspective. It even could be seen as unusual in his home city because, even though his first-name Mikael was Swedish, he commonly went under his second-name, which was Finnish. No, the reason why he was being surprised by the younger boy’s introducing was because it sounded like a more Asian name. At the Muggle elementary school in Texas he went to in the year before he went to RMI, there had actually been a girl named Yoo-jin whose family was from South Korea. However, the boy did not look Korean, or Asian at all, though of course one could not judge a person by appearance (unless that appearance happened to have long hair and a big tattoo that he showed off too much). Maybe this boy had grown up in Korea, or maybe he was adopted, or maybe--

“Oh, uh,” he managed when Yoo-jeen reached for his hand. Not wanting to be seeming rude, Anssi lowered his hand for a shake, but then could not see where the other boy’s hand was because of course that meant the blanket sheet had fallen back over his face. But the other boy could apparently still see well enough, as he quickly felt his hand being grabbed and excitedly shaken up and down. That was lucky. All he had to do was not resist and let his own hand be dragged along for the ride. “I’m Anssi. Nice to be meeting you.” As soon as his hand was let free, he pushed up the sheet so that he could look out at the younger boy once more. Anssi could not see it, but some of his blonde hair, previously laying flat, was now sticking up as well. He might realize it later, if he happened to touch his head and feel the static.

He wasn’t sure how to react to the boy’s claim that the ‘they’ he had been talking about were ghosts, but fortunately he was kept from having to react by the boy noticing he had a Quaffle. “Ja, I play as Chaser,” he nodded, and then realized how that fit in with the other half of Yoo-jeen’s statement. “But that does not mean I am good at chasing for real,” Anssi edited himself. “Sometimes we are running laps in Quidditch practices, because it helps with learning you how to breathe properly, but I am always most fast when I am on a broom.” His big brother always emphasized the need to be physically strong or skilled or just good in many different ways, and it was for that reason that Ruben’s workouts had a combination of hitting things and running around things. Even the short physical trainings he had given to their small secret group of offensive-and-unoffensive-magic-learning had included some of these more cardio-type exercises. Knowing how to breathe properly was important for doing other tasks properly, like catching Quaffles, or casting stronger spells, or kissing someone who wasn’t your girlfriend. “So I can run, but I hope we are not needing to.”

Blue eyes watched with concern as the younger boy continued talking about ghosts, only to start crying and turn away as if to hide it. “It’s okay, Yoo-jeen,” he tried, tentatively. He was not used at all to being in the position of trying to reassure someone else, and not understanding why Yoo-jeen was so upset about ghosts made it much harder. “Ghosts are normally just a bit sad, I think, not angry or trying to hurt people. Ummm for example, the royal palace in Sweden, it is very haunted,” at least supposedly; he had never been to Stockholm to see for himself, “but the ghosts just follow the royal family around, they do not do anything. I guess they are just... bored, maybe...” He watched as Yoo-jeen turned back around and pretended everything was fine. Anssi was not so good at pretending everything was fine, but he could admire the younger boy’s determination to do that. “I do not know very much about how to defend from ghosts.” That was a completely okay thing to admit, he thought. Yoo-jeen could not honestly expect that he would have experiencing defending against ghosts. “But I think that even though ghosts can go through things, they cannot see through things, so we just need something to hide behind such as, well, a blanket. I mean sheet. I mean,” he added, confused again, “why do you think the ghosts will be attacking you?”

  • Once you're in there's no going back - Eugene, Wed Oct 3 19:07
    You couldn’t give away secrets to just anyone. That wasn’t how it was supposed to work. So Eugene was going to have to make sure the blonde boy wasn’t ‘just anyone'. “I’m Eugene, ‘they’ are the... more
    • Down and down and deeper - Anssi, Mon Oct 8 17:36
      • Looks like I caught a mole - Eugene, Thu Oct 25 08:43
        Eugene, at least in theory, understood that foreign peoples lived at RM, for example, his brother’s girlfriend was from Wales, an island where people worshipped sheep and never, ever , ate them. But... more
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