Looks like I caught a mole
Thu Oct 25, 2018 08:43

Eugene, at least in theory, understood that foreign peoples lived at RM, for example, his brother’s girlfriend was from Wales, an island where people worshipped sheep and never, ever, ate them. But this was the first time he was discovering one of the foreign peoples all by himself and he had clearly found one of the best ones. “My brother is a Chaser,” Eugene said, excited to have found some commonality with the other boy, even if he didn’t really understand the complexities of Quidditch, “he’s a good runner cause he’s really tall but I’m going to be even taller.” He wondered if height was important when you were a ghost, since you could float up and down and all around, maybe it was helpful in giving maximum impact when you wanted to bump into living people and give them a good and proper fright. Eugene suspected his ghosts must be quite tall then, they had knocked him over very effectively, after all.

“You’re sure they just follow them around?” Eugene repeated skeptically. That didn’t sound very satisfying. It seemed clear to Eugene that these Swedish ghosts were watching and waiting, not unlike RMI’s ghosts, for their time to pounce. The Royal family was in a lot of danger if they had allowed themselves to become complacent- Eugene had no intention of repeating their mistakes. Squinting, he took a moment to scrutinise the ghost apologist sitting across from him.

He noticed that Anssi had a big splogy mark on his neck and tilted his head closer to inspect it with concern. It was a funny looking bruise and Eugene frowned as he realised what must have happened. The ghosts, made reckless by their thirst for revenge, had reached out, flapping like angry plastic bags caught in breeze, and twisted their talons tightly around Anssi’s neck in a case of mistaken identity. Suddenly, a stream of truths began hurtling towards him and Eugene had to fight the urge to gasp aloud as he realized that he had been deceived.

Oh no.

Anssi, was not an ally.

The ghosts must have done a real number on him. They had tortured him so terribly, they had managed to turn him, and now he worked as their reluctant spy.

Poor Anssi!

Aware that he had already given too much away, Eugene tried to keep his newly developed mistrust from showing on his face. “You’re right,” Eugene said, his voice hollow, “I’m being silly. Pfft, there are no ghosts chasing me.” He forced a laugh, which may have continued a little too long, to prove convincing.

Eugene felt terrible for lying like that. He didn’t want to leave Anssi in the service of his ghost overlords, but sadly, he was outnumbered. He would have to retreat, recuperate and begin developing a rescue mission. Eugene had never had to rescue anyone before, and brought his hand to his forehead, momentarily overwhelmed by the abrupt shift in his mission. he was only eleven and quite out of his depth. He needed assistance from someone older and wiser, and unlikely to be tricked by sneaky ghosts. Perhaps, he could ask Leopold to help him, or maybe Myffi, or Katherine.

  • Down and down and deeper - Anssi, Mon Oct 8 17:36
    The younger boy introduced himself as Yoo-jeen, which took him a bit by surprise. Not that it was an unusual name. There was a big variety of different names at RMI, and Anssi was very aware that his ... more
    • Looks like I caught a mole - Eugene, Thu Oct 25 08:43
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