Leopold Harris
I'm all ears
Tue Nov 27, 2018 18:10

Leo sat on the ground with one knee drawn up to his chest, his back leaning against the rockwall, and a frown on his face. He opened his fist, revealing a strand of silver hair curling against the palm of his hand. It struck a sharp contrast against his tanned skin, making Leo’s stomach sink even further. Eugene had plucked the hair from Leo’s scalp earlier that day, and without leaving Leo much time to process his fading youth, began firing questions his way: Had Leo had a fright recently? Had he seen anything unusual?

Leo, who had been trying very hard to remain patient with his little brother and his obsession with the undead, had finally snapped. Eugene was too old to have imaginary friends, Leo had spat, why did he insist on being so weird?

Leo was trying to turn things around (y'know, like better himself, but without all the pomposity that usually came with) he hadn’t got in any real trouble in sometime. He hardly wanted to reacquaint himself with Tennent, just to tell him, his kid brother had been playing some crazy game that Leo was beginning to suspect wasn’t a game at all, that he had begun to worry, Eugene’s overactive imagination and fixation on ghost stories, was a symptom of an unhealthy fear of death. As if Leo didn’t have enough on his plate without having to manage Eugene mental wellbeing too. And so, it really wasn’t his fault that when confronted with the reality of his own mortality and Eugene’s shaky grip on reality, Leo had responded with anger, the emotion he was most comfortable with. A very understandable response! Tough love was what Gene needed, the little shit. Sure the brothers hadn’t parted on the best of terms, but Eugene needed to grow the hell up, get his own life and stop dragging Leo down into his world of crazy.

But...if Eugene was worried about death, discovering his brother was prematurely aging wasn’t going to help. Poor runt was probably curled up in the common room right now picking out Leo’s funeral wreath in between sobs and laments. He’d have to do something nice for him later. Bring him back some chocolate, listen to him ‘play’ the spoons for the one-thousandth time or play a game of cards. Or perhaps, he should just loudly announce his intention to go for a run, avoid the mundane business of making-up, and still show Eugene he didn’t have one foot in the grave. With a sigh he discarded the troublesome hair on the grass, and pushed himself to his feet. He ran his fingers through his hair. It had grown out from the ‘prison hairstyle’ forced on him by his mother, and now curled around the nape of his neck, springing out in untidy waves, varying in shades from golden to dark blonde, and now greys too. Aside from an aversion to wearing his half-rimmed glasses, a battle Leo had begun to relinquish, he had never thought of himself as overtly vain. He did not have the appearance of someone who spent hours in front of a mirror fixing his hair or kept up with fashion trends. Currently, he wore a simple grey sweater, he had no recollection of buying, and the same pair of jeans and sneakers he threw on most days. But he didn’t fancy being a silver haired seventeen year old anymore than he wanted to be a bald, pot bellied man, like Jeb. Flicking his eyes upward, he saw Myfanway approaching and smiled. He slipped his fingers into his hair again- how long had the damn hair been there, had she noticed?

He bent down to greet her with a kiss and slipped his hand around her waist. She looked lovely- she always did- but no one could pull off rainbow laces quite like Myffi.

“There’s something particular I want to tell you.” Leo raised an eyebrow in interest but tried to appear nonchalant.


She’s breaking up with you, screamed the voice in his head, shrill and angry in its declaration, he squeezed his eyes shut and forced it to the back of his mind, instead focusing on Myffi’s voice. Oooh. She had a secret (not breaking up with him, whoop!) that wasn’t so bad. Could be good, actually. Myffi had a habit of surprising him, and so far she had never disappointed him. Whatever it was, it must be quite serious, something she didn’t want the staff to find out about. Wait. She wasn’t the one responsible for that body swapping fiasco, was she?! No way. It was much too messy and vindictive for Myffi to have been involved in. With that theory squashed, Leo found himself at a loss as to what was troubling her.

He stared at her, his eyes serious, and his lips tilting upwards in what he hoped was a small and reassuring smile. “I promise,” he stated firmly, so that she could have no room to doubt him, and reached for her hand. “What is it?”

  • A Confession [Tag Leo] - Myfanwy Owen, Thu Nov 22 09:56
    The time had come. After thinking about it for a lot of the term so far, Myfanwy had decided that she was going to tell Leo about her distillery. Kaye already knew, even though she didn’t really do... more
    • I'm all ears - Leopold Harris, Tue Nov 27 18:10
      • Like the cereals used to brew beer - Myfanwy, Wed Nov 28 06:53
        Leo promised he would keep the secret without even knowing it what it was, and he held her hand, and he smiled, and Myffi melted just a little bit before feeling sad all over again. How was she going ... more
        • Of coors! - Leo, Sun Dec 9 17:30
          Leo stared back at his girlfriend, in stunned silence, shaking his head in disbelief. After a moment, the confession began to sink in and he relaxed his posture. “Oh my god,” he gasped, all... more
          • Thanks, Bud - Myffi, Mon Dec 10 09:30
            Oh no he wasn’t saying anything. Was he disappointed? Or just surprised? Or - “Oh my god,” Leo gasped. He said it was amazing, and then he said Myffi was amazing, and then she couldn’t stop grinning. ... more
            • No problem - Leo, Tue Dec 11 08:30
              Marissa and Ruben. Marissa and Ruben. Hearing their names uttered in the same sentence sent Leo’s mind reeling down dangerous territory. He had long suspected that Myffi and Ruben’s friendship might... more
              • Not as far as I’m concerned - Myffi, Mon Dec 17 12:31
                “Sounds like it wouldn’t have been the most successful venture without you,” Leo said. Myffi thought Ruben was probably not interested in success beyond producing something that would get him drunk - ... more
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