Like the cereals used to brew beer
Wed Nov 28, 2018 06:53

Leo promised he would keep the secret without even knowing it what it was, and he held her hand, and he smiled, and Myffi melted just a little bit before feeling sad all over again. How was she going to tell him that she was going back to Wales at the end of the summer? It was hard enough keeping it secret from him - which was definitely the right decision, because it would just give them both something extra to worry about, and everything was just fun and just lovely between them right now, and there was absolutely no point in making it clear they would have to break up before Myffi went to Cardiff. Leo might be sad, or mad, and he would definitely be grumpy, and that wasn’t how Myfanwy wanted the rest of term to be, not if she could help it - but telling him was going to be even worse than keeping it a secret.

Nevermind about that now, she resolutely told herself. She returned Leo’s smile, and that was easy, and at least after right now she would be keeping one less secret from him. “What is it?”

Where to start? Should she bother to mention that it had been Ruben’s endeavour that Myffi had joined (more or less uninvited, but the older, now-graduated, student did not seem to mind), or perhaps not even mention Ruben at all? Myffi had made the decision to tell Leo, but she hadn’t really thought about what she might say. Planning ahead was for growing food, or protecting the planet, or maybe sometimes making presentations to boards of school governors, but not for conversations with friends. Perhaps the best way would be to just say exactly what she needed to, without any more beating about the proverbial bush (or the actual bush, really, seeing as the alcohol was hidden in a grove near the outdoor classroom; Ruben’s concealment charms still held strong, and Myfanwy had added a couple of her own this term).

“Okay,” Myffi grinned at Leo, because she’d accidentally made the situation more tense than was necessary by demanding his secrecy. It wasn’t really a serious business, especially now he had promised not to tell anyone; her expression now better matched her mood. “So I’ve been fermenting produce from AgriClub and from the store,” - the organic food shop on Pearl Street where Myffi worked let her take for free any produce that was past its best or in an apparently unsaleable condition - “and distilling a small range of alcoholic beverages on school grounds.” There, that was the basic gist of it. She’d told him.

But that wasn’t quite the whole story, so Myffi elaborated, “So mostly it’s varieties of vodka, I guess, but there’s also some apple cider and a few other things. Some of it is, honestly, it’s disgusting,” she chuckled, “but some of it’s actually pretty decent.” Her favourite so far had been the potato vodka flavoured with strawberries.

She guessed there would be questions, and she was happy to tell Leo just about anything he might ask about her secret enterprise, but at least he now had the opportunity to do that. “So now you know,” she said, squeezing his hand a little in apology. “Sorry I haven’t told you before now.”

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    • Like the cereals used to brew beer - Myfanwy, Wed Nov 28 06:53
      • Of coors! - Leo, Sun Dec 9 17:30
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            • Not as far as I’m concerned - Myffi, Mon Dec 17 12:31
              “Sounds like it wouldn’t have been the most successful venture without you,” Leo said. Myffi thought Ruben was probably not interested in success beyond producing something that would get him drunk - ... more
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