Sadie Embers
Let's make up a game!
Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:19

Whoever pulled that prank in the Finer Diner was a legend. Memories were gone, and people were freaking out. Sadie spent her time trying out different foods, since it felt like the first time she’d experienced them. When she realized it was all vegetarian stuff, though, she made sure to switch to desserts. Those weren’t subject to the terror that was Meatless Monday, and dessert for dinner was a fine way to spend her time. She even spent a little bit of time chatting with Priyanka until their memories came back and Sadie remembered that she found the other Cetus to be pretty annoying. Priyanka had a tendency to shush Sadie when they were in the Cetus commons. The first year wasn’t even that loud! Priyanka was just too damn sensitive.

Ever since the prank, though, she’d had a hard time sleeping without bad dreams. Thankfully the dream was always the same, lasted only a minute or so, and she was able to fall back asleep after it woke her up. In her dream, she was really little and someone grabbed her by the arm, dragged her inside a small closet that looked as though it was a hidey hole for house elves, and the door slammed shut. Almost immediately after was a loud scream. Once that scream woke her up, she went to the bathroom, splashed some water on her face, and then curled back up in bed.

It was weird that the dream was so consistent and so familiar. Had she seen it in a movie and for some reason it was bothering her now? Totally possible. She definitely didn’t read about it in a book, ha, she didn’t read for fun. There were better things to do with her time. It almost felt like a memory, but she had no idea how that could be. She didn’t recognize the person who grabbed her by the arm. It was weird that she knew what the tiny little closet was used for, but it was her dream.

Sadie hadn’t been bothered by this until today. She’d decided to take a Saturday nap and instead of getting to sleep for as long as she wanted, she woke up after thirty minutes. The frustration she felt made her skin itch and left her wide awake, so she grabbed her broom and made her way to the Pitch.

Thank Merlin for the Quidditch team. Sadie was a very active girl, and being in an underground school wasn’t ideal for that. She spent lots of time on the rock wall and liked to swim in the Rec Center. Being unable to run around Pearl Street made her feel trapped, and Quidditch was an excellent release. Her team had a weird make up to it - her two Chasing partners were Natalia and Huburt - but she still got to play. She still had practice; she still got to fly. There wasn’t practice today, and she didn’t know when the next game was, but right now all she wanted to do was run around and shake off this weird feeling.

When the tan girl with the wild, kinky brown curls made it to the Pitch, she noticed that someone else was there. She waved and smiled, glad for any kind of distraction. “What’cha up to? I was gonna fly some laps but maybe we could grab some equipment from the Quidditch shed.”

    • Okay I like games - Jesse Keller, Fri Nov 30 15:34
      Jesse had never expected to make the Draco Quidditch team. This was mostly because he never expected to get anything out of life, really, but that especially applied to sports. In his experience,... more
      • What should our first rule be? - Sadie, Mon Dec 10 15:31
        “Okay,” Sadie nodded at the boy’s perfectly acceptable answer. Being on the Pitch to do Quidditch stuff was a very predictable thing to do, though, and she realized she’d fallen into that same trap.... more
        • No sore losers - Jesse, Sun Dec 16 15:31
          The girl said ‘Okay’ which Jesse understood as an acknowledgment in this instance, rather than a quantifier or descriptor. In another context, for example, it was plausible for someone to say ‘Okay’... more
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