Of coors!
Sun Dec 9, 2018 17:30

Leo stared back at his girlfriend, in stunned silence, shaking his head in disbelief. After a moment, the confession began to sink in and he relaxed his posture. “Oh my god,” he gasped, all seriousness dropping from his expression, “alcohol, you’re making alcohol. That’s-that’s...amazing. You’re amazing.”

And there was variety! She really thought of everything. Had it been Leo running an operation like this he would have perfected one poorly tasting recipe, and retired happy he’d found something mediocre to suit his purposes, never to have known the taste of homemade strawberry flavoured vodka. Thank Merlin, Myffi had higher standards.

He threw his head back and laughed. “And to think, you had me so I was so worried!” It occurred to him that he should still be worried, his girlfriend was running a criminal enterprise, but Leo was not feeling very sensible. This was, perhaps, the coolest thing Myffi could have done with her time at RMI. He suddenly had a newfound appreciation for AgriClub, which had always felt like unnecessary self-punishment before, but now he finally recognised it’s potential. Pure genius. Maybe he should keep up with the club once Myffi left.

“Sorry?” Leo said with a bemused smirk. “Don’t be sorry. This is the best thing I’ve heard all year.” His eyes danced with excitement as he thought about all the opportunities Myffi had just created for him, heart filling with gratitude, he moved to kiss her lightly on the forehead. How was he going to function without the constant comfort of knowing he could seek out her sunny presence in a heartbeat? His gut twisted uncomfortably as he acknowledge this was a reality that was creeping steadily toward them, but determined to focus on the Right Now he pressed the knowledge deep into the back of his mind and thought instead about Myffi’s marvelous revelation.

“So, how long have you been RMI’s resident bootlegger? It is you isn’t it- the supplier for all the parties?” He thought back to the April Fools’ party last year, when he’d been violently attacked by glitter. His memories of that night were a confuzed haze of halfremebered conversations that brought forth feelings of embarrassment- all thanks to some nasty tasting beverage, which Leo had ended up vomiting all over his sneakers before stumbling back to the common room. He’d acquired the alcohol from Holland, who’d given into Leo’s pitying pleas, and aided his quest to end sobriety, by grabbing some liquor off Ruben. Huh.
Had Ruben been involved in this then? Sounded like him.

Rules didn’t apply with Ruben, who saw himself as a special case, too good for monogamy, and free to go all stab-happy without facing any real consequences. An illegal liquor business was child’s play for someone as reckless as him. Leo opened his mouth to voice his suspicions, but soon thought better of it. For some, insane reason, Myffi liked Ruben. They were like actual friends. Leo couldn’t understand it. Why were people as strong and intelligent as Kaye, Holland and Myffi, willing to put up with a ‘psycho’ like Ruben? Even if Leo wasn’t going to start running his mouth-off about Ruben, right this second, he had become much more vocal about his dislike of Ruben since they’d returned from break. There was no internal conflict for Leo. His loyalty lay with Kaye, and he hoped she would soon write Ruben off for good and find someone more worthy of her attention. But he couldn’t tell Kaye who to date anymore than he could tell Myffi who to be friends with, so he swallowed the half-formed barb at Ruben’s expense, and waited for Myffi to reveal her co-conspirators in her own time.

  • Like the cereals used to brew beer - Myfanwy, Wed Nov 28 06:53
    Leo promised he would keep the secret without even knowing it what it was, and he held her hand, and he smiled, and Myffi melted just a little bit before feeling sad all over again. How was she going ... more
    • Of coors! - Leo, Sun Dec 9 17:30
      • Thanks, Bud - Myffi, Mon Dec 10 09:30
        Oh no he wasn’t saying anything. Was he disappointed? Or just surprised? Or - “Oh my god,” Leo gasped. He said it was amazing, and then he said Myffi was amazing, and then she couldn’t stop grinning. ... more
        • No problem - Leo, Tue Dec 11 08:30
          Marissa and Ruben. Marissa and Ruben. Hearing their names uttered in the same sentence sent Leo’s mind reeling down dangerous territory. He had long suspected that Myffi and Ruben’s friendship might... more
          • Not as far as I’m concerned - Myffi, Mon Dec 17 12:31
            “Sounds like it wouldn’t have been the most successful venture without you,” Leo said. Myffi thought Ruben was probably not interested in success beyond producing something that would get him drunk - ... more
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