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Mon Dec 10, 2018 09:30

Oh no he wasn’t saying anything. Was he disappointed? Or just surprised? Or - “Oh my god,” Leo gasped. He said it was amazing, and then he said Myffi was amazing, and then she couldn’t stop grinning. Leo laughed, and he told her not to be sorry, and he kissed her forehead and Myfanwy just stood there smiling, soaking up his attention.

“So, how long have you been RMI’s resident bootlegger?” Leo asked, and Myffi was so pleased to discover he wasn’t upset by her keeping secrets, or even by the secret she eventually revealed, that she laughed.

“Yes, I have shared a little at parties,” she admitted, letting go of Leo’s hands but staying close to him. “Marissa and Ruben both knew about the stash,” she downplayed the founder’s involvement for the time being, “so Marissa knew where it was coming from,” - she held the parties, so obviously she would notice that booze was being passed around a select few of the upper years - “and Ruben… helped himself.” Now she’d mentioned him, Myffi felt like it might be better to explain more about Ruben’s involvement, because she didn’t want Leo to think that Myffi had shared all this with another friend, but not with him. It would be even worse if he discovered that Kaye already knew, too, without understanding that Ruben set it all up in the first place.

“Honestly it was Ruben’s idea to start with,” Myfanwy confessed. She knew Ruben wasn’t popular with the upper years right now, especially those who were friends with Kaye. Myffi counted Kaye among her friends now, but she got along better with Ruben, and that sort of put her in a weird position. Obviously Ruben was an idiot and did a stupid thing, but if Kaye was expecting perfection from Ruben, then… well, it wasn’t her business, anyway. Her business was producing alcohol, and sharing information about that with her boyfriend. “We talked about it at AgriClub one time. He was pretty much useless though, more concerned with the proof than how it tasted.” She would swear some of his earlier creations would cause a person permanent damage if they drank too much; she had conveyed this opinion to Ruben. “I kind of barged in and took over, and now he’s gone so,” she shrugged, “I’ve been keeping it up by myself this term.”

Deciding that there was loads of time for Leo to process all this information and ask anything he needed to, Myffi didn’t worry too much about judging his reaction any more. He’d seemed excited initially, and she wanted to keep it that way, if she could. “So, I didn’t know if you wanted to keep it up after I… I mean, if you want me to show you how to do everything,” the seventh year amended, resolved to keep the mood light. “But I thought I’d show you where it is, anyway. Kaye knows about the stash - Ruben told her - but she doesn’t know where it is. You’d be the only other person to know.”

  • Of coors! - Leo, Sun Dec 9 17:30
    Leo stared back at his girlfriend, in stunned silence, shaking his head in disbelief. After a moment, the confession began to sink in and he relaxed his posture. “Oh my god,” he gasped, all... more
    • Thanks, Bud - Myffi, Mon Dec 10 09:30
      • No problem - Leo, Tue Dec 11 08:30
        Marissa and Ruben. Marissa and Ruben. Hearing their names uttered in the same sentence sent Leo’s mind reeling down dangerous territory. He had long suspected that Myffi and Ruben’s friendship might... more
        • Not as far as I’m concerned - Myffi, Mon Dec 17 12:31
          “Sounds like it wouldn’t have been the most successful venture without you,” Leo said. Myffi thought Ruben was probably not interested in success beyond producing something that would get him drunk - ... more
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