What should our first rule be?
Mon Dec 10, 2018 15:31

“Okay,” Sadie nodded at the boy’s perfectly acceptable answer. Being on the Pitch to do Quidditch stuff was a very predictable thing to do, though, and she realized she’d fallen into that same trap. Well, that wasn’t going to cut it.

Her mom always told her to be something besides predictable. Sadie didn’t necessarily understand why. They followed that advice for a really long time. The two girls had moved from place to place to place a whole lot. Cosette seemed to get bored of the same apartment after a few months and, after a talk with their landlord that always left whoever it was dazed and confused but giddy about it, they’d pack up and go again. The very tan Cetus’ ability to pack up a bedroom was unrivaled by other kids her age. She could do it competitively if she wanted!

Then Hayden happened. After him, their lives got way more consistent. It even made her mom change her tune about it all. “Sometimes it’s okay to be predictable,” Cosette explained. “Makes it harder for people to guess when you’ll change up your routine.” Sadie didn’t get why that was important, but they lived with Hayden and Bobbie most of the time and - ugh - Ava, and she liked that very much.

Plus, her mom’s job was so cool! A little bit of predictability wasn’t the worst thing if it was interesting. Going over to the Edwards’ huge mansion was always fun. There were tons of things she wasn’t supposed to touch, but her mom said that whenever Mr. Hector told her not to do something, she should do it anyway just so he didn’t get too cocky. They had a very weird friendship.

Being on the Quidditch Pitch to practice Quidditch things was not the fun kind of predictability. There had to be a way to spice this up.

“Nope,” Sadie changed her mind and put her hands on her hips in thought. “That sounds boring. Let’s make up a new game! We could practice our Quidditch skills, I’m a Chaser for Cetus, but we’d still be doing something different and fun!” She beamed, in a much better mood now that inspiration had struck. “We could see who can fly the longest upside down while holding a Quaffle! Or something else, if you have an idea.”

  • Okay I like games - Jesse Keller, Fri Nov 30 15:34
    Jesse had never expected to make the Draco Quidditch team. This was mostly because he never expected to get anything out of life, really, but that especially applied to sports. In his experience,... more
    • What should our first rule be? - Sadie, Mon Dec 10 15:31
      • No sore losers - Jesse, Sun Dec 16 15:31
        The girl said ‘Okay’ which Jesse understood as an acknowledgment in this instance, rather than a quantifier or descriptor. In another context, for example, it was plausible for someone to say ‘Okay’... more
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