Dhruv Bansal
Nothing wrong with a bit of company
Tue Jan 17, 2017 02:25

Dhruv shielded his eyes as the figure drew closer. He was a sociable kid and even though he was only a second-year he could recognize pretty much everyone from RMI. So it quickly became apparent that the approaching student had to be a first-year. “Hey!” he shouted back, waving briefly. He’d definitely seen this kid in class though, but couldn’t remember having spoken to her before. Her name was Sara? Magdalena? No, something with a T. Something strange. Tang? Tays?

He dismounted as the girl reached him. “Yeah, the weather’s pretty great. Especially since it can get really weird out here sometimes.” Leaning forward conspiratorially, he continued, “I heard rumors that Professor Boot is responsible for that stuff. Like, it even rained puffskeins once. I dunno if I believe it though, he seems like such a nice old guy. Anyway, you can totally join me, I don't mind. I mean, the sky’s big enough for both of us.”

He remounted the broom, hovering so that his feet were just skimming the ground. Trying not to be rude, he shot a quick glance at his watch. Good. There was still time before class started. His brother Armaan always said it was better being a night person, but there was no way that was true on days like this. “I’m Dhruv, by the way. Did you sign up for quidditch? I’m hoping to be Draco’s seeker this year.” He puffed out his chest proudly, almost losing his balance in the process, but recovered quickly. Hopefully the first-year hadn’t noticed that.

  • Can I Join in? - Tains Basilio, Fri Jan 13 09:55
    Every bone in Tains body was yearning to be outside. But since she’d gotten to RMI, she hadn’t had the time. If it wasn’t classes, it was homework. She had been forcing herself to sit and... more
    • Nothing wrong with a bit of company - Dhruv Bansal, Tue Jan 17 02:25
      • “Dhruv, is it? Nice to meet you, I’m Tains! And really? Seeker? ” Tains was impressed. She’d never been able to gain enough speed to be a Seeker and admired anyone who was able to. She didn’t even... more
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