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Tue Dec 11, 2018 08:30

Marissa and Ruben.

Marissa and Ruben.

Hearing their names uttered in the same sentence sent Leo’s mind reeling down dangerous territory. He had long suspected that Myffi and Ruben’s friendship might not always have been as innocent as it currently appeared but until now he hadn’t dared think too deeply about his little theory. But hearing Ruben’s name alongside Marissa’s...

Leo had chosen not to give too much credit to the gossip surrounding Myffi’s friendship with that alumni. He had thought he’d never asked her about it because it wasn’t any of his business what had or had not happened. Now he wondered if he’d chosen to avoid addressing the rumour because he was worried it might be true. And if it was true, did that make Leo some sort of consolation prize? Had Marissa not graduated would Myffi have chosen to explore a relationship with her?

And even if that was what Myffi had wanted, should it matter now? It was all a case of what ifs. Marissa was gone. Out of the picture. Ruben as well- Myffi would be gone soon too. No. Nope. Not supposed to be thinking about that.

Leo cleared his throat and forced a hollow laugh. “Yeah, that sounds like Ruben. I always thought he was weirdly protective of the potatoes” Myffi didn’t sound like she missed having Ruben around mucking up her distillery which settled Leo’s mind a little. “Sounds like it wouldn’t have been the most successful venture without you,” Leo said with genuine pride. Leo was not much of a doer, and had left a relatively small imprint on the school community, but, he was always immensely impressed with the amount of things Myffi had managed to achieve so far in her short time at RMI. He did not doubt that she would go on to do even more before graduating.

And there it was again, the thing they were both trying so hard to avoid mentioning, his gaze dropped to his shoes as he took a moment to swallow the sadness creeping into his chest. Once he was more composed Leo smiled at her, and, answered, “Absolutely, count me in.” It was strange to be so touched that your girlfriend was choosing to show you her secret distillery but in that moment Leo felt fortunate to have been given this gift. Although, his worries were not completely disbanded they did diminish significantly as she confirmed, from now on, he alone would have this information.

  • Thanks, Bud - Myffi, Mon Dec 10 09:30
    Oh no he wasn’t saying anything. Was he disappointed? Or just surprised? Or - “Oh my god,” Leo gasped. He said it was amazing, and then he said Myffi was amazing, and then she couldn’t stop grinning. ... more
    • No problem - Leo, Tue Dec 11 08:30
      • Not as far as I’m concerned - Myffi, Mon Dec 17 12:31
        “Sounds like it wouldn’t have been the most successful venture without you,” Leo said. Myffi thought Ruben was probably not interested in success beyond producing something that would get him drunk - ... more
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