Petra Stiglitz
I think mine can swim.
Sun Mar 3, 2019 13:38

For all she was excited to finally have her feet in RMI again, Petra found herself actually missing her various siblings as the feast went on. Her pancakes tasted a little bit like cardboard in her mouth, or that might have just been her brain being to preoccupied to smell the food before she swallowed it. It felt like it formed a lump right at the base of her throat, sticking in her chest uncomfortably. Eventually, she’d just set it aside and watched the flames flicker in the fire in front of her.

It was only a choice few of her siblings that she missed. Melli and Dedrick were her favorites, everyone else just had mean things to say. Kolby, even at a young age, just liked to say mean things to anyone so she couldn’t take that to heart and at this stage she was more than used to Hugo being a pineapple-head. Johan and Helena were never home enough to see them so that left Warren and Tavin as the only other two she should tolerate. As it happened, she didn’t. The older Tavin got, the more he sneered and became less of the sweet older brother she liked. He enjoyed comparing her to her other siblings and told her that she was too much of a busybody. She was too nosy, too sensible, too rule-abiding. But why were those bad things?

The heads of house leaving broke Petra from her thoughts and she blinked rapidly to clear her eyes. Was she crying? No, definitely not, in fact, it took several blinks for moisture to flood her irises once more as they had dried out while she had stared. The Aquila excused herself from the feast, beginning to make her way back to her dorm. She didn’t mind detouring a little bit. It was the first night back and she still had time before curfew hit. She thought about going to the theater or the lecture hall, just to sit and be by herself for awhile but those were too closed in.

With how cluttered her mind felt, and it did more so with every passing day since the summer started, she turned for the Quidditch pitch. Maybe some fresh air and being able to flop in the grass and stare up at the sky (albeit the enchanted one) would help her feel like she could sleep. Tavin’s words she could maybe get past, if they hadn’t been supplemented by the ever sullen Warren. He was ever jealous of the few kids in her family that possessed magical capabilities and had been nasty to her for as long as she could remember.

Lately, it was worse. Words rang through her head in a circle as she walked out onto the pitch. Busybody, nosey, goodie-two-shoes, know-it-all, self-righteous arrogant little - Just stay really still.

Petra frowned, eyes opening at the different words (she wasn’t sure when she shut them or why, but it was a miracle that she hadn’t tripped in the process). The girl turned towards the general direction of the broomshed at the all too familiar sounding voice. Without saying anything, the fifth year moved to fully face Leopold Harris. He was standing there with his back to her and the girl made the assumption that he was trying to open the door he was facing. She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be staying still, or if he was but a cursory glance of his person told him that it wasn’t intended for her.

The older boy stood with a bottle of something (and Petra was smart enough to guess what it was) and was standing like a deer stuck in the headlights. As a newly minted prefect, she was sure she was supposed to be doing something about the fact that she’d just caught someone out on the Pitch doing some not so safe activities. Green eyes stared at the older boy for a minute and she thought of a million different things that she might say to her friend at the moment.

She opened her mouth to say something, but words failed her as other people’s voices continued to drift in her head. He wasn’t really her friend, was he? They’d just had a few awkward and somewhat terse encounters, even if the last one had almost been kind of fun. But he’d told her once, he didn’t need advice from a little girl. Little girl, busybody, know-it-all. She was downright average and that’s all she’d ever really amount to because she stuck to things that were safe and in the lines.

So instead of chiding him like she should have or offering help, the blonde just stared numbly for a second. She didn’t want to deal with this. Didn’t want to do anything. She wanted to rewind her life and figure out why some of her siblings disliked her so much. Why their words hurt as bad as they did. Her longing for home wasn’t because she missed it, but because she was having trouble knowing where hers was and RMI seemed like the closest place. But that still didn’t make it hurt less.

Petra blinked a time or two before stepping forward and shouldering Leo out of the way. In one swift motion, she had the broomshed open and she took a few steps back. At that point, she should have just beelined it for her dorm, but instead found herself talking. “Any chance I could get some of that?”

  • Drown your sorrows - Leopold Harris, Sun Mar 3 07:30
    OOC: Takes place after the OF Leo missed Myffi. He had been missing Myffi every day since the breakup. The more hopeful part of his mind thought that returning to school might serve as a useful... more
    • I think mine can swim. - Petra Stiglitz, Sun Mar 3 13:38
      • Mine's going to need a life jacket - Leo, Sun Mar 3 17:59
        Leo chanced a peak over his shoulder and heaved a sigh of relief. It was Petra. Wait a moment. What was he thinking? This was no time to relax- it was Petra. He’d been discovered by... more
        • Petra couldn’t stop the wry grin that made its way onto her face. She had barely noticed Leo’s attempt to explain himself. She didn’t care. It was certain that she’d taken a temporary leave of her... more
          • OK. But you're rowing. - Leo, Mon Mar 4 06:40
            “Damn,” Leo said, tossing a sturdy looking broomstick over his shoulder. “No name means no karma hunting for me then.” Taking two long strides he exited the shed, remembering to duck this time but,... more
            • I have bad news about that - Petra, Tue Mar 12 19:55
              Petra couldn’t help but laugh out loud as soon as the broom met with the door frame. She clapped a hand over her mouth when the laugh dissolved into a giggle. She didn’t do that normally and it was a ... more
              • Can you share the good news first? - Leo, Wed Mar 13 16:45
                Leo had never heard of anyone dying from too much cheer but, as maniacal laughter continued to burst from his chest, Leo began to consider it a very real possibility that his cheer might kill him.... more
                • That might get your hopes up - Petra, Wed Mar 13 17:43
                  Of course, two hands were perfectly reasonable for holding two things, but drunk!Petra was not really sure of that fact. Her face showed relief when Leo took the broom way and she knew for sure she... more
                  • I promise to keep them in check - Leo, Wed Mar 13 19:25
                    This was nice, Leo thought, as he gave Petra’s hand a small squeeze. He doubted flying would feel as nice right now- not with the world twisting so quickly around him- and grass was kind of comfy... more
                    • Bad news: I've jumped ship - Petra, Thu Mar 14 17:44
                      If she hadn’t been quite so drunk, Petra probably would have been stunned silent by the fact the Leopold Harris was actually saying something nice to her. In another world, or maybe just another time ... more
                      • Lost at sea - Leo, Thu Mar 14 19:41
                        One second Leo was having a perfectly good time making out with a pretty girl and then out of nowhere he found himself being tossed aside like a bag of blighted potatoes. What gives? Leo knew he... more
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