Mine's going to need a life jacket
Sun Mar 3, 2019 17:59

Leo chanced a peak over his shoulder and heaved a sigh of relief. It was Petra.

Wait a moment. What was he thinking? This was no time to relax-it was Petra. He’d been discovered by turn-that-frown-upside-down Petra. Everything about her screamed straight-laced newly minted prefect. He suspected she’d pass out at the sight of a joint so an inebriated Leo would scare her witless. She’d build up enough courage to give him her usual tongue lashing before sprinting off to inform the proper authorities that, Leo Harris, was at it again making everyone’s lives harder by being a stupid jerk.

He raised his free arm and slowly ran a hand across his face. Everything was happening very fast he needed to take a moment to think. They’d struck up a sort-of friendship last term. Maybe he could convince her to let him off just this once. As like a favour. Yeaaah! See he wasn’t that dumb. He was actually quite clever- you know, if you squinted in the right light, added on a few IQ points just for wearing the glasses, and consumed some of Ruben’s special brew. “Look, Petra I can explain,” he began in a slow loud voice not, yet sure how he was going to talk his way out but, confident that he could, “I was just having a nice dander round the pitch an-”

But he didn’t need to continue any further because Petra was pushing past him and in seconds completed the simple task he could not. The door to the broomstick shed hung open and Leo tried to remember why he’d wanted inside to begin with. Had he wanted to brush up some leaves? Didn’t sound very much like him but, then he did have a literal reminder to be a kind person coiled around his wrist- perhaps it had served as motivation for the weird act of consideration.

And now Petra was asking for a drink. This stuff was clearly stronger than he’d remembered because the world was turning upside down right before him. Leo shrugged his shoulders in response. She had done him a favour, who was he to deny her a little fun? He was a firm believer that everyone should experience vomiting on their shoes followed by a pounding headache and a strong will to die for reasons one could no longer recall at least once before entering their twenties. He could think of nothing worse than finally turning twenty-one and being legally allowed to drink only to discover you’re a major lightweight due to lack of practice.

“Help yourself,” Leo said passing the bottle over to the younger student, “but, fair warning- it’s Ruben’s recipe.” He wondered if Petra’d ever had a drink before and broke into a wide grin. Leo had started drinking seriously at thirteen. Like a stereotypical child on the brink of adolescence it had been mostly cheap cider although, he’d got lucky on a few occasions, and watered down his mom’s brandy without detection. He couldn’t imagine Petra getting up to something as juvenile as that. She was too smart for that nonsense- or more accurately she had been too smart for that nonsense. Maybe becoming prefect had finally knocked that stick out of her ass? Whatever it was that had got into her, Leo, was grateful. It was no fun getting wasted on your own and Petra had proved herself good company in the past. He should have grabbed Myffi’s sweeter tasting strawberry beverage- he’d been feeling so morose earlier that it hadn’t suited his mood quite like Ruben’s crude concoction- it might have made the foray into the world of alcohol more pleasant for the girl.

His mind swivelled back around to the broomstick shed. He shuffled forward on unsteady feet, forgetting to duck, and knocking his head on the door frame. Paying the injury no heed, Leo, fumbled around for a sturdy looking broom-something with a lot of sweeping power. “Hey, do you know the name of the grounds-clean-ey person?” he called out to Petra. He should at least know the name of the person he was helping. Then he could track them down later to complain when the good karma he was working so hard to earn never made it over to him.

  • I think mine can swim. - Petra Stiglitz, Sun Mar 3 13:38
    For all she was excited to finally have her feet in RMI again, Petra found herself actually missing her various siblings as the feast went on. Her pancakes tasted a little bit like cardboard in her... more
    • Mine's going to need a life jacket - Leo, Sun Mar 3 17:59
      • Petra couldn’t stop the wry grin that made its way onto her face. She had barely noticed Leo’s attempt to explain himself. She didn’t care. It was certain that she’d taken a temporary leave of her... more
        • OK. But you're rowing. - Leo, Mon Mar 4 06:40
          “Damn,” Leo said, tossing a sturdy looking broomstick over his shoulder. “No name means no karma hunting for me then.” Taking two long strides he exited the shed, remembering to duck this time but,... more
          • I have bad news about that - Petra, Tue Mar 12 19:55
            Petra couldn’t help but laugh out loud as soon as the broom met with the door frame. She clapped a hand over her mouth when the laugh dissolved into a giggle. She didn’t do that normally and it was a ... more
            • Can you share the good news first? - Leo, Wed Mar 13 16:45
              Leo had never heard of anyone dying from too much cheer but, as maniacal laughter continued to burst from his chest, Leo began to consider it a very real possibility that his cheer might kill him.... more
              • That might get your hopes up - Petra, Wed Mar 13 17:43
                Of course, two hands were perfectly reasonable for holding two things, but drunk!Petra was not really sure of that fact. Her face showed relief when Leo took the broom way and she knew for sure she... more
                • I promise to keep them in check - Leo, Wed Mar 13 19:25
                  This was nice, Leo thought, as he gave Petra’s hand a small squeeze. He doubted flying would feel as nice right now- not with the world twisting so quickly around him- and grass was kind of comfy... more
                  • Bad news: I've jumped ship - Petra, Thu Mar 14 17:44
                    If she hadn’t been quite so drunk, Petra probably would have been stunned silent by the fact the Leopold Harris was actually saying something nice to her. In another world, or maybe just another time ... more
                    • Lost at sea - Leo, Thu Mar 14 19:41
                      One second Leo was having a perfectly good time making out with a pretty girl and then out of nowhere he found himself being tossed aside like a bag of blighted potatoes. What gives? Leo knew he... more
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