Why not just go for a lifeboat, it's roomier
Sun Mar 3, 2019 20:05

Petra couldn’t stop the wry grin that made its way onto her face. She had barely noticed Leo’s attempt to explain himself. She didn’t care. It was certain that she’d taken a temporary leave of her senses because any other day she would have whisked herself off to the nearest authority figure. Maybe it was the fact that Leo was maybe the only sort-of friend she had at Rocky Mountain. Maybe it was the words still swirling in the forefront of her brain. Busybody, tattle-tale. At that second, she refused to be either of those things out of spite of everything that had been said to her over the last three months.

There weren’t very many things that Petra hated, but those names made her question who she was and she didn’t need that. She knew who she was and she was just taking it one day at a time. Was it so wrong to want to follow the rules and be able to make the most of her academics? According to some people, yes. Just by his demeanor, the Aquila could tell that her fellow student had expected her to run off and tattle on him. But to his credit, something that Petra mentally thanked him for, he didn’t comment on her abnormal behavior.

With the bottle of “Ruben’s recipe” in her hand, Peta paused. She didn’t know a whole lot about the guy who had graduated a few terms ago, but she knew enough. It was enough to make her hesitate in raising the bottle to her lips, but she did anyway. The first taste and swallow had her nearly gagging on the horrid liquid. It burned the back of her throat and she momentarily teared up at the feeling, wanting to move to the side and vomit or something, anything, to relieve to sensation crawling down to her stomach. But she wasn’t going to do that either. What category would that put her in? Oh yes - little girl. Well, she wasn’t little and she wasn’t a tattler either.

Without wiping the budding tears from her eyes, Petra took another swig. If this was what all alcohol tasted like, the fifth-year was positive she wasn’t going to be fond of drinking at all. But she’d started and she wasn’t going to stop now – that would make her Hugo’s favorite word – a baby. She coughed a little less this time when she swallowed a mouthful, but it still burned and it was still vile.

The girl couldn’t contain a soft laugh as Leo knocked his head into the door. She wondered briefly how long he’d been out here before her, but didn’t inquire. She took a few careful steps so that she could see whatever he was doing inside the shed. “Oh um,” Petra frowned, trying to remember the name of the groundskeeper and failed utterly. “She’s um, she’s – well, I don’t know.” The blonde frowned, pushing curls back out of her face. “I don’t come out here often, not like I did when I was a first year.”

She still had her baseball bat sitting in her dorm. She held the neck of the bottle tightly as she moved away to let Leo do whatever it was he was going to do. Merlin, she hoped it wasn’t flying. The mere thought made her anxious and she reflexively took another drink, hoping that if he did, this stuff would work fast enough to make her not freak out. “Wh-what are you planning on doing?” She questioned, wiping her mouth on the sleeve of her school robes as she fought to clear her throat. “Please tell me you’re not going to fly on that thing right now.”

  • Mine's going to need a life jacket - Leo, Sun Mar 3 17:59
    Leo chanced a peak over his shoulder and heaved a sigh of relief. It was Petra. Wait a moment. What was he thinking? This was no time to relax- it was Petra. He’d been discovered by... more
    • Why not just go for a lifeboat, it's roomier - Petra, Sun Mar 3 20:05
      • OK. But you're rowing. - Leo, Mon Mar 4 06:40
        “Damn,” Leo said, tossing a sturdy looking broomstick over his shoulder. “No name means no karma hunting for me then.” Taking two long strides he exited the shed, remembering to duck this time but,... more
        • I have bad news about that - Petra, Tue Mar 12 19:55
          Petra couldn’t help but laugh out loud as soon as the broom met with the door frame. She clapped a hand over her mouth when the laugh dissolved into a giggle. She didn’t do that normally and it was a ... more
          • Can you share the good news first? - Leo, Wed Mar 13 16:45
            Leo had never heard of anyone dying from too much cheer but, as maniacal laughter continued to burst from his chest, Leo began to consider it a very real possibility that his cheer might kill him.... more
            • That might get your hopes up - Petra, Wed Mar 13 17:43
              Of course, two hands were perfectly reasonable for holding two things, but drunk!Petra was not really sure of that fact. Her face showed relief when Leo took the broom way and she knew for sure she... more
              • I promise to keep them in check - Leo, Wed Mar 13 19:25
                This was nice, Leo thought, as he gave Petra’s hand a small squeeze. He doubted flying would feel as nice right now- not with the world twisting so quickly around him- and grass was kind of comfy... more
                • Bad news: I've jumped ship - Petra, Thu Mar 14 17:44
                  If she hadn’t been quite so drunk, Petra probably would have been stunned silent by the fact the Leopold Harris was actually saying something nice to her. In another world, or maybe just another time ... more
                  • Lost at sea - Leo, Thu Mar 14 19:41
                    One second Leo was having a perfectly good time making out with a pretty girl and then out of nowhere he found himself being tossed aside like a bag of blighted potatoes. What gives? Leo knew he... more
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