OK. But you're rowing.
Mon Mar 4, 2019 06:40

“Damn,” Leo said, tossing a sturdy looking broomstick over his shoulder. “No name means no karma hunting for me then.” Taking two long strides he exited the shed, remembering to duck this time but, forgetting about the broom slung over his back. It hit the door frame with a painful THUD. “Whoops,” Leo cried, shooting Petra a sheepish grin, “guess I should be more careful, huh.”

Despite his words Leo’s next action disrespected the piece of sporting equipment even further as he shrugged the broom off his shoulder and began to lean heavily on it for support. He gazed blearily around the grounds and tried with little success to force his eyes to focus on something.

Where to start? The forest? Lots of leaves there. Merlin, why did he have to be so kind all of a sudden?

This was going to take all night but, before he could contemplate the enormous scale of his task any further, Petra’s voice burst through his thoughts. Leo jumped-he’d forgot she was there.


He slapped his hand against his thigh, almost dropping the broom, and unbalancing himself. “Oh yeah. That’s what I’m doing. I’d forgot! I thought I-I was going to sweep lea-ahahahaha-leaves!”

Leo swung the broom in large circular motions that would have proved useless for any sort of cleaning exercise but, would have impressed Eugene enough to call for an encore. Unfortunately there would be no chance of that because the broomstick soon slipped from his fingers and bounced across the grass losing a significant amount of twigs as it went. This proved too much for Leo. He promptly burst into hysterical laughter, and fell to the ground, legs splayed, and arms clenched tight around his stomach. “Petra, Petra,” he gasped in between breathless laughter, “the broom!”

  • Petra couldn’t stop the wry grin that made its way onto her face. She had barely noticed Leo’s attempt to explain himself. She didn’t care. It was certain that she’d taken a temporary leave of her... more
    • OK. But you're rowing. - Leo, Mon Mar 4 06:40
      • I have bad news about that - Petra, Tue Mar 12 19:55
        Petra couldn’t help but laugh out loud as soon as the broom met with the door frame. She clapped a hand over her mouth when the laugh dissolved into a giggle. She didn’t do that normally and it was a ... more
        • Can you share the good news first? - Leo, Wed Mar 13 16:45
          Leo had never heard of anyone dying from too much cheer but, as maniacal laughter continued to burst from his chest, Leo began to consider it a very real possibility that his cheer might kill him.... more
          • That might get your hopes up - Petra, Wed Mar 13 17:43
            Of course, two hands were perfectly reasonable for holding two things, but drunk!Petra was not really sure of that fact. Her face showed relief when Leo took the broom way and she knew for sure she... more
            • I promise to keep them in check - Leo, Wed Mar 13 19:25
              This was nice, Leo thought, as he gave Petra’s hand a small squeeze. He doubted flying would feel as nice right now- not with the world twisting so quickly around him- and grass was kind of comfy... more
              • Bad news: I've jumped ship - Petra, Thu Mar 14 17:44
                If she hadn’t been quite so drunk, Petra probably would have been stunned silent by the fact the Leopold Harris was actually saying something nice to her. In another world, or maybe just another time ... more
                • Lost at sea - Leo, Thu Mar 14 19:41
                  One second Leo was having a perfectly good time making out with a pretty girl and then out of nowhere he found himself being tossed aside like a bag of blighted potatoes. What gives? Leo knew he... more
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