Not if you're the one to clean up afterwards
Tue Jan 17, 2017 19:51

Immediately Leo knew he liked this girl. She was smart and smarts were one thing Leo was severely lacking. It didn’t matter that he’d tuned out for the second half of her plan because the girl sold it to him quickly with her confident manner.

Of course he didn’t want her to think he was an idiot even if he was therefore he adopted his best thinking expression. It was a rather painful grimace but Leopold didn’t know why anyone would look happy when deep thinking was involved so was quite certain he had convinced her of his seriousness.

“Yeah, okay,” he replied nodding his head after an appropriate period of pretend contemplation like all the intelligent people did in the movies. He gave her a jaunty pat on the back as a recognition of a job well done and marched off towards the lava like a soldier going into battle. As an afterthought he glanced behind and took in her query, “Rope? Yeah no problem. It helps to be able to make rope materialise if you want to catch wild hippogriffs.”

Leopold had never actually seen a hippogriff in the flesh but he figured if she questioned him about it he could make something up. After all there were a few pictures of them in his textbook and he vaguely remembered reading about them…or had he skimmed that passage and gotten them confused with thestrals? Flying horse creatures were all the same anyway.

He pulled his wand out from his jean pockets and gave it a polish with his sleeve. He appeared to have gotten something sticky on it and Leo couldn’t work out if it was jelly or some sort of foreign gunk he’d picked up somewhere, either way it didn’t seem to want to budge and Leopold gave up.

“So before we head into battle I should probably know how best to address my Captain,” he shot her a cheery smile followed by a small salute, “Leopold Harris, reporting for duty!”

  • Sometimes it's fun to mess up! - Lilly-Anna Shu (Aquilla), Fri Jan 13 23:37
    Lilly-Anna was starting to get used to the wonder of the world of magic, and now was starting to have fun with it. She had explored so many of the halls of the school but still couldn't find the... more
    • Not if you're the one to clean up afterwards - Leo, Tue Jan 17 19:51
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