DJ Finn
A quiet day
Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:42

Sundays meant a rare day off for DJ Finn. By Sunday all his homework was done, and he usually didn’t have Quidditch practice. He had started working out during the week at a gym on Pearl Street, but on Sundays, he rarely left RMI. Instead, the fifth year part took in other hobbies of his. Sometimes he spent the whole day hanging out with friends, other times it was getting caught up on comics in the Draco common room.

The first couple of weeks of school had been stressful especially since he had started his one on one classes with McKindy. Thankfully the Professor hadn’t asked why he had missed the first Spellwork class of the year, so DJ didn’t have to stumble through an excuse. The one thing DJ needed was just some quiet. It seemed like everyone had drama in their lives. Dakota was a walking drama-bomb, Remy seemed to be a bit off this term, and he was still actively avoiding Claudia. Thankfully Drew was still just a bro. Sometimes DJ wondered if transferring to RMI had been a good idea.

So DJ had found his quiet on the highest riser of the Quidditch bleachers. It was sunny with very little wind, so it was the perfect weather to enjoy the Pitch. Also, the bleachers being so far up meant it wasn’t likely that someone would stumble upon him. DJ had brought a book bag full of comics, snacks and his sketch pad. A sketch pad that was filled with drawings of Remy and Dakota. Right now though DJ was reading the newest Batman Comic.

The black haired boy rolled his green eyes when he heard footsteps on the metal steps up to the top. Of course, on the day he needed some space someone had also climbed all the steps to the bleachers. “Hey-o,” he said not turning around to see who it was. “Sorry to disappoint this box isn’t empty.”

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      • Fantastic! - DJ, Thu Mar 14 18:42
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        • Like the Fantastic Four - Jesse, Fri Mar 22 17:14
          DJ greeted him and didn’t sound put out at being interrupted. Jesse would be among the first to admit he was not adept at interpreting subtle moods, so it was still plausible that DJ was actually not ... more
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