Like the Fantastic Four
Fri Mar 22, 2019 17:14

DJ greeted him and didnít sound put out at being interrupted. Jesse would be among the first to admit he was not adept at interpreting subtle moods, so it was still plausible that DJ was actually not in a good mood at all, but his greeting seemed cheerful and he didnít tell Jesse to go away (or that he was busy or tired or wanted space, which were other ways people sometimes conveyed they wanted another person to go away without actually telling them to, which Jesse found very confusing but his mother told him was more polite. The third year would always rather people just say what they mean and leave no room for misinterpretation). In fact he said that Teen Titans were cool, and Jesse thought that was true, too, but he would have enjoyed the comic even if he didnít think it was cool. He liked painting models too and popular opinion agreed that wasnít a cool pastime at all. In fact there were more negative ways people sometimes used to refer to things Jesse enjoyed, but it didnít stop him enjoying them. His mom had always told her children to do what they enjoyed, not what they thought might make other people like them better. Jesse had no clue what might make people like him better, and he wasnít really sure he cared about being liked, anyway, so long as people didnít hit him like Felix did, so anyway he found that advice easy to follow. He liked to read Teen Titans, so he read it, regardless of other peopleís opinions.

Although DJ next expressed an opinion, that part of the fun of comics is swapping, and Jesse agreed with the opinion, so he nodded. ďI agree,Ē he said. Swapping didnít change the story, of course, but it meant you had more material without spending any more money, which was always a concern for Jesse, who never had very much money. If a person was so inclined, they could discuss what they had read afterwards, and talk about theories and plots and characters and that was very satisfying.

He didnít know whether anyone else in DJís year read comics, and that was mostly because Jesse didnít know many people in DJís year. Fifth years didnít have classes with the third years, and their respective yeargroups had not shared lessons last year, either, except for the occasional school-wide practical event that occurred from time to time. Jesse mostly only knew the older students who were on the Quidditch team. So even though DJ was newer to the school, he probably still had a more informed experience of whether the students in his own yeargroup read comics. Jesse took his word for it. ďComic books are underrated,Ē he offered an opinion of his own. The vocabulary could be just as rich as in non-picture books (Jesse would know; he read a lot) and the artwork was vibrant, and the story lines were compelling. Many of the characters were ridiculous and unrelatable but that was part of the fun of fiction.

ďDo you mind?Ē Jesse asked, pointing to a vacant stretch of bench. ďIf I sit here and read a while,Ē he clarified. If DJ wanted to read in private - Jesse had noted that DJ was on in his own in an area that was not accessible by accident, which could mean he wanted to be alone, or it could mean he was already waiting for someone in this particular location - but there was no harm in asking. If DJ did not want Jesse to sit with him then he would say so, and Jesse would find another seat in the largely unoccupied stands without any difficulty, or he could return to his original plan of Keeping practice. Maybe when DJ was done reading they could even practice together.

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    DJ sighed in relief at the sound of Jesseís voice. He didnít realize just how much he did not want to talk to any of his friends right now. He needed a break from the drama that seemed to follow his... more
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