Deagret Wyckland
She likes her paint-jeans.
Tue Apr 23, 2019 22:36

It had certainly been quite the day for Deagret. Between fighting with a portrait and making a new friend, the emotions had been a roller coaster--granted, not one that she was afraid to ride, but definitely one that was rather daunting.

So, she'd decided that taking a walk would be the perfect way to soothe her frustrated, overwhelmed brain. Painting was a no-go at this point, and so was dancing--both of them were just stressing her out more, and she didn't really want to deal with that. And seeing as the school seemed rather vacant today, and the fact that she couldn't find her friends, meant that mischief would not be made today.

Of all the places she'd explored in her nearly two months at school, the Quidditch Pitch was one she'd barely even stepped one. Deagret didn't really care much for sports, much less sporting events, so it wasn't in her interest to go there. Except for today. It was quiet, and she figured she could use some quiet.

So she'd pulled on her comfiest pair of jeans (oddly enough, they were the paint-stained ones), and a red hoodie she'd stolen from Graham's closet before she'd left for RMI. Hands in her pocket, fiddling with the tip of her wand, Deagret wandered over the pitch, reveling in the complete, utter silence.

And then, with a sigh, she realized she was bored.

Deagret threw back her head and let out a frustrated scream before kicking a sneakered-foot at the ground, dust and dirt flying up. She'd figured there'd be no one else here. She'd been wrong.

    • How about boots with the fur? - Elliot Phippen, Tue Apr 30 14:02
      As much as Elliot loved Quidditch, he didn’t like Quidditch practice. It was like level-grinding. The way Elliot wanted to gain experience was sidequests and minigames, not just doing the same thing... more
      • As she'd tilted her head back, Deagret caught the sight of someone on a broom out of the corner of her eye--and her scream had caused them to grasp down on the broom and clutch at it for dear life.... more
        • It can be faux fur - Elliot, Mon May 13 22:32
          “Yeah, kinda!” he called back. Nope, this was still too far away for a conversation. Supergirl made it look easy to have a conversation with someone on the ground when you were hovering, but Elliot... more
          • the "z" was a nice touch - Deagret, Thu May 16 20:56
            Elliot pulled his broom to a stop next to her and jumped off, and she wondered vaguely what a flying a broom was like. Deagret wasn't particularly fond of heights, so she doubted she would ever work... more
            • I aim to please - Elliot, Tue May 28 16:44
              Dea coming outside to scream at the sky made total sense now. That douchebag British portrait guy would make anyone want to scream. Well, he hadn’t made Elliot scream, but Elliot had totally yelled... more
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