Elliot Phippen
How about boots with the fur?
Tue Apr 30, 2019 14:02

As much as Elliot loved Quidditch, he didn’t like Quidditch practice. It was like level-grinding. The way Elliot wanted to gain experience was sidequests and minigames, not just doing the same thing over and over again without a storyline so he’d be able to do it better eventually. Eventually was way too far away for Elliot’s brain.

Luckily the Aquila captain Camilla Reynolds had figured that out. Instead of just having him do laps or hang around waiting for the Snitch to show up, she’d come up with a bunch of different things for Elliot to do to practice flying, like creating a bunch of hoops made out of sparkles in the air. Usually they started out right in a row, and then got harder and farther apart, so by the end he had to take sharp dives or rocket upward to make it through the next hoop. And she’d given him a stopwatch so he could track his high score (low score, technically, since he wanted the number to be as small as possible), or sometimes she timed him for two minutes and he had to see how many hoops he could fly through. Multiple game modes ftw.

Elliot thought they should also have one of those tennis turrets that helped you practice your swing by launching tennis balls at your face, but for golfballs instead of tennis balls because they were closer to Snitch-sized. Camilla had seemed kind of into the idea but so far they still didn’t have one. Oh well.

Today Elliot was practicing on his own, and since he couldn’t make the sparkle hoops yet he’d had to come up with his own minigame. He’d flown a lap over the bleachers and randomly put dropped numbered flags (aka pieces of a t-shirt he’d cut up after it got a big hole in it during a Potions mishap) on them. His objective was to pick them up in order as fast as he could, so he had to fly around, check the number, and grab the right one.

He had just gotten number 4 when a sudden primal scream of frustration shattered the Pitch’s wind-rush quiet and nearly made Elliot fall off his broom. (He clung on, without resorting to anything resembling a starfish-and-stick maneuver, thank you very much.) The second year looked down and spotted a girl with red hair. Hmm. Kit or Deagret? It was like trying to decide whether the berry he had just picked would be delicious or poisonous. Although maybe Kit wanted to kill him a little less after the party. Or maybe she wanted to kill him even harder, and then cut up his body and blow up each of the pieces and take the ashes and toss them in a bog. It was hard to tell.

Eh. Worst came to worst he could zoom away. His Cirrus Falcon 5 was up to it. And as he flew down to the underclassman he saw it was definitely not Kit. “Hey Dea!” Elliot called, unsuccessfully trying to figure out why she had screamed. He didn’t land, just sort of hovered near her. “Everything, uh, okay?”

  • She likes her paint-jeans. - Deagret Wyckland, Tue Apr 23 22:36
    It had certainly been quite the day for Deagret. Between fighting with a portrait and making a new friend, the emotions had been a roller coaster--granted, not one that she was afraid to ride, but... more
    • How about boots with the fur? - Elliot Phippen, Tue Apr 30 14:02
      • As she'd tilted her head back, Deagret caught the sight of someone on a broom out of the corner of her eye--and her scream had caused them to grasp down on the broom and clutch at it for dear life.... more
        • It can be faux fur - Elliot, Mon May 13 22:32
          “Yeah, kinda!” he called back. Nope, this was still too far away for a conversation. Supergirl made it look easy to have a conversation with someone on the ground when you were hovering, but Elliot... more
          • the "z" was a nice touch - Deagret, Thu May 16 20:56
            Elliot pulled his broom to a stop next to her and jumped off, and she wondered vaguely what a flying a broom was like. Deagret wasn't particularly fond of heights, so she doubted she would ever work... more
            • I aim to please - Elliot, Tue May 28 16:44
              Dea coming outside to scream at the sky made total sense now. That douchebag British portrait guy would make anyone want to scream. Well, he hadn’t made Elliot scream, but Elliot had totally yelled... more
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