Amelia Rosette
Practice, practice, and practice.
Wed May 15, 2019 16:15

Amelia was heading to the Quidditch field to practice her flying. She had successfully joined her house (Cetus) team as Chaser and wants to make her fellow students happy. As she headed to the field, she thought about what she has been through so far: making a new friend, her very first class (Magizoobotany), and having joined the team.

When she entered the pitch, she admired how it looked. She was amazing how something like this can be created underground. She looked up in the air to see if it was crowded or not. Sometimes she forgets to brake and runs into people. When she looked up, not that many people were up in the air. She boarded her Nimbus 2000 and pushed off into the ground. Her red hair flies everywhere as she flew laps around. After her laps, she got some balls and practiced throwing them into the hoops until she perfectly made all of them in went into the hoops. She lands and takes a breath.

As she looked up into the blue sky, she wonders what shall she do next. She heard rumors that they were secret passageways and one had a surprise inside. She had a hunch and was going to see after dinner. She also wondered if she will meet any friends or not. Even though she made one, she was still nervous to make others. Yet, she will overcome her fear and make new friends. Suddenly, she saw a shadow come over her, It was either a person or storm clouds. Hopefully not the second one.

    • Sadie truly enjoyed Quidditch when she was at home, playing pick up games with her family. They didn’t really have enough people to make a full team. It was still fun and often involved a bit of rule ... more
      • Sure and do you want help? - Amelia Rosette, Wed May 22 04:26
        When Amelia landed on the ground, she felt like she made a major accomplishment. She was able to get her quaffle through the hoop perfectly. Well, not the first time. More like the fifth or sixth... more
        • I think I'm okay, thank you though - Sadie, Fri May 24 21:31
          Oh Merlin help her, was this another Kit? Her older cousin was a red-headed tornado disguised as a fourth year girl in Lyra. Like Amelia just did, Kit had a huge habit of rambling without taking a... more
          • Sorry... - Amelia, Sun May 26 18:24
            As Amelia was talking to Sadie she saw a familiar look on the older girl's face. She have been seeing this look on every persons face since she learned how to talk. It was the look of being very... more
            • No worries! - Sadie, Wed Jun 5 15:37
              Sadie spent most of her life around awkward kids or complete weirdos. Her best friends were Elliot and Tycho, who she’d met and went to elementary school with. Elliot was as normal as he could be,... more
              • I think I saw a secret passageway! - Amelia, Thu Jun 6 08:49
                Amelia listened to Sadie as she said," I’ve tried to find ways to sneak to Pearl Street but everything’s age line protected,” “I really think there has to be a secret passageway there but I’ve been... more
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