Or a moron and her weapon, if you prefer...
Wed Jan 18, 2017 19:07

The perks of growing up with three older siblings that didn’t practice magic was that Petra knew a little of both worlds. Of course, most of her time was spent being more Muggle than it was being magical, not that she was complaining. But really, when it came down to it, the young German girl felt as though she’d been lied to quite a bit by her magical siblings. There was a lot that the girl didn’t know, things they hadn’t even mentioned to her in the slightest. It was irritating and quite honestly, brought out the worst in the girl.

She didn’t like being lied to by her family, or anyone that she trusted for that matter. When it came to her magical siblings, she relied on them to help her out with things around the Wizarding world. From what it seemed though, they had neglected to tell her most of what she found to be necessary. It made her angry. Conveniently, Petra’s non-magical siblings were more than happy to show her everything. Including ways to manage her anger.

Currently, she was doing just that. But it was a mixture of the worlds. There was a baseball bat wielded precariously over one shoulder while the other wielded her wand just long enough for her to cast a basic wingardium leviosa. If she concentrated hard enough, Petra found that she could tuck her wand behind her ear and take a good crack at the ball as it floated in the air. It was one of the first spells she had learned officially at Rocky Mountain, although once of age one of her older siblings had shown her the movements.

With a loud crack, the baseball drifted across the Pitch. With a scowl on her face, the girl trotted off to get it, finding that she didn’t have the knowledge base of the spell to levitate it from that far away. She’d been at it for a good twenty minutes or so, just trying to channel some of her base anger into the sport she tended to prefer. Once she made it back to her starting point, the Aquila’s eyes landed on someone lurking around.

“What’re you lookin at?” She said, swinging the bat over her shoulder, peering curiously at the person who had invaded her zone.

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