I think I'm okay, thank you though
Fri May 24, 2019 21:31

Oh Merlin help her, was this another Kit?

Her older cousin was a red-headed tornado disguised as a fourth year girl in Lyra. Like Amelia just did, Kit had a huge habit of rambling without taking a breath, seeming to spout off any thought in her head. Sadie supposedly loved Kit because she was family, but that didnít make any time she spent with the pale and freckled girl any less exhausting. It was entirely possible that the higher Kitís energy levels got, the frizzier her red hair became. When the girl wore the brightest colors, had the wildest hair, and her green eyes glinted with a very dangerous energy, Sadie avoided her.

She didnít look anything like Kit, though. Since Sadie was adopted, no one would know she was related to Kit Kendrick unless they asked. Her mom was blonde haired and blue eyed, but Sadie was not. The twelve year old knew nothing about her biological family, so she didnít know where her brown eyes came from. She was the opposite of her mom, with her tan skin and wild sandy brown kinky curls. She did take after Cosette with her lean athletic build, but that wasnít really a biological thing. Both of them just really liked being active. One of Sadieís only reprieves from the claustrophobia that came from being underground was her Cetus Quidditch team.

Speaking of, Amelia definitely just introduced herself despite the two of them being on the same team. Yup, this was another Kit. Sadie knew how to handle this. Just smile and nod, Embers. Smile and nod.

ďYeah, uh, Sadie.Ē She gestured to herself and tried to smile brightly instead of awkwardly. ďIím one of your Beaters for Cetus. I used to be a Chaser, actually, but got switched to Beater this year. My mom was a Beater when she went here, so Iím pretty excited about that.Ē

As for the fashion stuff, she felt it was better to cling to that. ďItís really hard to give fashion advice when we canít go to Pearl Street. Iím gonna be a third year next year and I cannot wait to be able to go up there. I know we go during Cultural Studies sometimes, but itís not the same as getting to go literally whenever you want like the upper years.Ē

OOC: Great job writing in past tense! Keep it up!

  • Sure and do you want help? - Amelia Rosette, Wed May 22 04:26
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    • I think I'm okay, thank you though - Sadie, Fri May 24 21:31
      • Sorry... - Amelia, Sun May 26 18:24
        As Amelia was talking to Sadie she saw a familiar look on the older girl's face. She have been seeing this look on every persons face since she learned how to talk. It was the look of being very... more
        • No worries! - Sadie, Wed Jun 5 15:37
          Sadie spent most of her life around awkward kids or complete weirdos. Her best friends were Elliot and Tycho, who sheíd met and went to elementary school with. Elliot was as normal as he could be,... more
          • I think I saw a secret passageway! - Amelia, Thu Jun 6 08:49
            Amelia listened to Sadie as she said," Iíve tried to find ways to sneak to Pearl Street but everythingís age line protected,Ē ďI really think there has to be a secret passageway there but Iíve been... more
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