Sun May 26, 2019 18:24

As Amelia was talking to Sadie she saw a familiar look on the older girl's face. She have been seeing this look on every persons face since she learned how to talk. It was the look of being very polite but a bit uncomfortable and awkward.After she was done, she listened to Sadie's answers. When she said that she was on the same team and house of her,she blushed with embarrassment.

"Yeah,I heard a lot about Pearl Street Mall. Too bad it's for third years and up," she responded. If younger years could go, it'll be so fun. My mum was chaser when she went here for her house Draco. My father was keeper for his house as well."

Amelia looks down at her shoes. "Also, sorry for talking a lot. It's a habit. I talk so much that I pretty much know the signs of it and it's really embarrassing."

She sat down on the grass and tied up her red hair into a ponytail."When your finish with the broom, give it back to me so I can put it up in my room. Or you can give it to me in the common room. You decide."

  • I think I'm okay, thank you though - Sadie, Fri May 24 21:31
    Oh Merlin help her, was this another Kit? Her older cousin was a red-headed tornado disguised as a fourth year girl in Lyra. Like Amelia just did, Kit had a huge habit of rambling without taking a... more
    • Sorry... - Amelia, Sun May 26 18:24
      • No worries! - Sadie, Wed Jun 5 15:37
        Sadie spent most of her life around awkward kids or complete weirdos. Her best friends were Elliot and Tycho, who she’d met and went to elementary school with. Elliot was as normal as he could be,... more
        • I think I saw a secret passageway! - Amelia, Thu Jun 6 08:49
          Amelia listened to Sadie as she said," I’ve tried to find ways to sneak to Pearl Street but everything’s age line protected,” “I really think there has to be a secret passageway there but I’ve been... more
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