I aim to please
Tue May 28, 2019 16:44

Dea coming outside to scream at the sky made total sense now. That douchebag British portrait guy would make anyone want to scream. Well, he hadn’t made Elliot scream, but Elliot had totally yelled at him once. The portrait said some crap about Elliot being lazy because he spent so much time in the Rec Center, so Elliot had been all like, “It’s none of your business,” and the portrait had claimed it was his business because it was the Edwards Recreation Centre (the conversation had been out loud but Elliot was pretty sure if there were subtitles, ‘center’ would’ve been spelled like that) and he was Alec Edwards. So Elliot had told Alec Edwards where he could take his business and what he could do with it once he got there, and Alec Edwards said something about bad breeding, and then there was more yelling. He didn’t totally remember what was said but Elliot had drawn on the stuff he’d heard other people say on multiplayer headsets, so it was nasty.

Elliot wasn’t a jerk on multiplayer, even when someone was camping (Elliot thought it was the most boring way to play a game, but camping was a legitimate strategy). He took gaming pretty seriously, but some of the people online took it so seriously that it wasn’t even fun anymore. Elliot didn’t get why people would do something if it just stressed them out and made them mad. Like, why not go do literally anything else, if that was the case? Games were wasted on those people.

Anyway so Elliot totally got where Dea was coming from. Maybe it was time someone taught that portrait a lesson. Deagret was obviously on the same page. Adding a pig to the portrait seemed like a good place to start. Oh! Or maybe they could just paint a pig snout on him and get one of the upperclassmen to charm it so that all Alec Edwards could do was oink.

That sounded like fun. “Well, I was gonna practice my time trials, but now I’m helping you look for paint,” Elliot said. He tucked his broom under his left arm and offered the other for Dea to take. “Or hang on, you paint, right? So now we just need… a ladder? We should wait until he’s sleeping,” he added, all of his ideas spilling out in a single breath. “You know, so he can’t tell on us.”

  • the "z" was a nice touch - Deagret, Thu May 16 20:56
    Elliot pulled his broom to a stop next to her and jumped off, and she wondered vaguely what a flying a broom was like. Deagret wasn't particularly fond of heights, so she doubted she would ever work... more
    • I aim to please - Elliot, Tue May 28 16:44
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