Anders Blackburn
Let's get wet! [4 - 7 years]
Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:21

Midterm had been a bit amazing. Anders had done something he hadn't done in years. He had taken time off from everything. It had been nice to relax with Rosetta for a few weeks, but sometimes he caught himself wondering what Cindra and Ruby were doing. On Christmas, he sent them both a few gifts and a letter, but that was all he allowed himself. After all, he was supposed to be hanging out with his wife. The only dark time was when Rosetta tired to convince him to come home some weeknights. He wouldn't really have called it a fight more like a disagreement that left both of them a bit exhausted. The Professor finally said he would try to come home at least once a week if she would agree to come to Pearl Street for dinner once a week. Marriage was all about, and he knew he was spreading himself thin, but he could make this work. They could make this work they had done it before.

For now, thoughts of Rosetta and Cindra were shoved to the back of his mind. Today was an important day he was combining the fourth through seventh years into a class for the first time ever. During midterm, all the years attending the course had been assigned to read the chapter on Merfolk and their creatures. On the night they returned to RMI Anders had posted that they should all report to the Quidditch pitch after breakfast in their swimwear. (He had also invited students who didn't usually take Magizoobotany to come to the class. He hoped it would inspire more to join next year.)

Anders had arrived at the Pitch around four am with a crew of four from his Animal sanctuary and had taken to turning the whole Pitch into a giant lake. Once it was at the correct depth with the right plant life was inducted the real magic showed up. Merfolk and their creatures were soon swimming happily in the lake. Anders had met this community of Merfolk in Lake Tahoe a few years ago, and they were more than willing to come to hang out at RMI for the day.

While he waited for his students, he spoke with the leader of the Merfolk. There were about twenty Merfolk of all ages in the lake, but the main thing the students would be studying were was the Hippocampus. The blonde Professor had always loved them and thought everyone should get a chance to see them in person. The only reason first through third years weren't invited was because they probably wouldn't be ready for an independent study like this.

"Good morning, students!" he said about ten minutes after the class start time. "For those who don't take Magizoobotany normally I'm Anders Blackburn, please call me Anders." He had dropped the Professor with the older students weeks into the term and now only made the beginners call him that.

"Today will be an independent study day after a brief lecture. Let's talk about Gillyweed." Anders had begun mixing herbology into his creature lessons; it really helped cover more things in one class. (It also made the herbology way more interesting in the Professor's mind.)

"Gillyweed is a plant that is native to the Mediterranean Sea. It will give the consumer grills, which allows them to breathe underwater. On top of that, you'll also be able to speak under water. The really nifty thing about eating this is it will give you webbing between your fingers and toes. This will allow you to swim underwater with ease."

He paused as he opened a box. "It will prevent you from blinking, but I promise it will not hurt. The best thing about Gillyweed is that it allows you to adapt to the cold water. This is good because, with a bubble charm, you would have to stack a warming charm."

He showed everyone that in the box was enough portions of Gillyweed for everyone to swim for days. "While under the effects of this plant, you'll be unable to breathe air. It lasts for about an hour and a half, so you will have plenty of time to explore the water."

He closed the box and smiled at them. "Now, under the water, we have brought in some friends. We have brought in a community of Merfolk. Feel free to interact with them as much as you want, but I would like each of you to spend at least a little time with the hippocampi."

"The Hippocampus is a half horse half fish creature. They eat seaweed, coral, and small fishes. In Merfolk communities, they are used as transportation, to play games, and even for work. They can help build buildings and can help the Merfolk collect food for the community. You will be allowed to ride a Hippocampus if you so choose."

Anders took a step back and smiled at them. "I do have a team of creature healers already in the water to help me watch you so just know you are being watched. Once everyone is in the water, I'll be joining you. For those of you who are taking this class, I would like a one-page report on your experience with Gillyweed and the Hippocampi. For those of you here for the first time, if you want to do the report, you will earn you house ten to fifty points on how good your report is."

With that, he opened the Gillyweed box again and asked with a huge smile. "Already who's first?"

[OOC: Each post should be at least 200 words and should be written in the past tense. Tag Anders if you need him. No one can drown, and when the gillyweed starts to wear off Anders will direct the students out of the water."

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