Rhiya Bansal
Thu Jan 19, 2017 02:50

Of course Raja wanted to use “the rope one”.

Rhiya had known he was going to say that as soon as he opened his mouth. For reasons she couldn't fathom, he seemed determined to blow his eyebrows off. The Lyra couldn’t help but giggle as Raja called the spell “Carpe Rectum” but quickly stopped as he corrected himself. It seemed like he was finally serious about the lesson.

He was very, very eager, too.

Carpe Retractem would definitely be useful for the obstacle before them. Though a more difficult spell, it’d be quicker than using Wingardium Leviosa. There were several ways Wingardium Leviosa could be used though. In fact, Rhiya had calculated several different ways both spells would get them over to the next green patch of grass. She turned the disc over and over in her palm as she considered how to respond.

“Professor McKindy…” she paused, glancing out over the field at the other groups. They all seemed to be moving along much quickly than she and Raja were. I really hope we aren’t getting graded on this lesson. Because we’re not going to even get close to winning at this rate. “Professor McKindy said first-years shouldn’t try the spell….”

But Raja already knew that. As far as Rhiya was concerned she was under no moral obligation to keep him safe if he was going to purposely throw himself into harm’s way. And if he was going to put his wants before the team’s success, then Rhiya was going to look out for herself too. Even if she kept Raja from using Carpe Retractem this time, they still had a lot of field ahead of them before they reached the goal posts. He’d probably bring it up again. And again. It would be better to get this eyebrow business out of the way now, rather than when they were near the end of the obstacle course. Plus, if Raja needed medical attention, she’d get to join a group that was ahead of where she was, or maybe even tackle the course on her own.

Okay, so that last thought was a kind of mean one. But I’m just being logical! I’m not saying I’m going to just ditch him in the middle of the field! The next time Dhruv brought up teamwork she was going to tell him to shut up.

“But if you really want to try using Carpe Retractem, go ahead.” With that, Rhiya stepped out of the way and moved back to the edge of the green patch. There was no way she was going to stand nearby and risk becoming an additional victim of the impending disaster.

  • #cantstopwontstop - Raja, Sat Jan 14 23:09
    “Yay!” He was so glad Rhiya was still willing to work with him even though he’d apparently annoyed her initially. Raja really didn’t want his first class experience to be mentally noted as tried to... more
    • #whyareyoulikethis - Rhiya Bansal, Thu Jan 19 02:50
      • #toomuchsugar - Raja, Fri Jan 20 22:23
        It seemed like she was going to say no, and Raja felt his disappointment mounting, but to his surprise and relief, Rhiya said he could try it. “Thanks!” he said, giving her a quick squeeze. He didn’t ... more
        • I didn't sign up for this. - Rhiya, Mon Jan 23 22:36
          Rhiya stiffened at the unexpected hug from Raja then patted him on the back awkwardly. It was hard not to (unwillingly) kind of like the kid when he was this genuinely enthusiastic and excited. She... more
          • Fun though, right? - Raja, Tue Jan 24 00:21
            “Oh no, you fell?” Raja was far less concerned about the red-turned disc and more about the fact that she’d fallen over. “No worries about having to double back. You okay?” Rhiya didn’t seem hurt,... more
            • That's one word for it. - Rhiya, Thu Jan 26 01:07
              Rhiya waited semi-patiently as Raja pulled off a successful Wingardium Leviosa . “Nice job.” They only had to do this, what, another 30-40 times? She looked ahead eyebrows in dismay at how far they... more
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