Sadie Embers
Don't mind me, just here for the show
Sun Jun 23, 2019 22:42

Man, Sadie wanted to be older.

When she started at Rocky Mountain International, she thought she’d feel grown. This is what she wanted. Leaving Muggle elementary school to start her magical education meant so much. And yet here she was, halfway through her second year, and she was so incredibly bored. Nothing ever happened for the younger years.

Until they did.

It took her several double and triple takes when she returned to Cetus after the holidays to see there was a transfer. That part wasn’t a big surprise. One or two transfers after midterm seemed par for the course with RMI. She knew other houses probably had new students, too, but none of them had this. Finally, something interesting was happening at this stupid school: one of the new Cetus transfers was a literal pop star.

Sadie read in one of those trashy tabloids that JD had some kind of mental breakdown in the middle of a show. The Cetus didn’t know the details but the gossip column suggested he’d stripped down to his boxers and set his iconic jacket (the one from the cover of his recent album, Accio, Your Heart) on fire. Whatever the truth was, Sadie could see with her own brown eyes that JD, magical pop star, had started school and was in her house.

While ogling him, she noticed a couple older students talking and - merpeople?? Younger years got boring creatures and older kids got literal merpeople? Pineapple that, JD could wait. She had a class to watch and other students to ogle. She threw on a pair of tiny shorts, a tank top, her ZAP!atos sneakers, stuffed her backpack with essentials, and followed another student out of the Cetus common room.

This is how Sadie ended up on the Quidditch Pitch with a bag of popcorn watching older students in their swimsuits play with underwater creatures. The Cetus was both jealous and interested. Some of these older students were hawt.

When someone joined her, she held out the popcorn but didn’t look away from the scene. “Okay, Pineapple, marry, kill. Leo Harris, DJ Finn, Professor Anders”

  • Let's get wet! [4 - 7 years] - Anders Blackburn, Mon Jun 17 12:21
    Midterm had been a bit amazing. Anders had done something he hadn't done in years. He had taken time off from everything. It had been nice to relax with Rosetta for a few weeks, but sometimes he... more
    • Late to the party, but following the dress code - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Fri Jul 26 18:41
      Anssi didn’t mind swimming, but it was not an activity that he ever really chose to do. He had started a habit of avoiding it when he was smaller. That was during the same time when he had learned... more
    • Don't mind me, just here for the show - Sadie Embers, Sun Jun 23 22:42
      • No fun to look but not touch - Georgina Philpott, Fri Jun 28 07:14
        As a second year Beater for the actual best team in the school, Gigi knew she had to get her own broomstick soon, but two years in didn’t seem any less keen than one year in. She wasn’t some annoying ... more
        • All in good time - Sadie, Wed Jul 3 03:58
          A lot of Sadie’s time on the Pitch was spent between three activities: Quidditch nonsense, tackling the rock wall, and using it to access the secret passageways. Her first year at Rocky Mountain... more
          • Is that a promise? - Georgina, Wed Jul 3 04:52
            Sadie debated Gigi’s answers like they were being presented for discussion. It was cool, but it wasn’t like the Aquila put that much thought into it. Even so as Sadie talked through her answers, Gigi ... more
            • If that's your interpretation - Sadie, Wed Jul 3 19:38
              Good thing Eugene wasn’t here to see Gigi choke on the popcorn. He might have thought Sadie poisoned the snacks after all and tried to murder her friend. If Sadie were to go, she definitely didn’t... more
              • I'll hold you to it - Gigi, Fri Jul 5 08:22
                Sadie’s tan cheeks blushed pink, and Gigi almost felt bad. Corrupting the innocent was only okay in a few situations. Like, she wouldn’t go around telling small children that Father Christmas didn’t... more
                • I totally replied right away right yup - Sadie, Fri Jul 19 14:48
                  It wasn’t that Sadie wanted to know what kissing Elliot was like. She wanted to know what kissing in general was like. Sadie hadn’t managed to have that experience yet, even though she knew she... more
                  • Worth the wait - Gigi, Sat Jul 20 14:34
                    Gigi knew she could rely on Sadie to keep her secret. “I refuse to be the one to spoon feed his ego,” said the Cetus. They were both in agreement about that: the last thing Phippen needed was a... more
                    • I'll try not to make you wait longer - Sadie, Wed Jul 24 15:34
                      Sadie liked having Gigi around. Having someone else in her life who would keep Elliot in check was great. He was such a dumb and impulsive idiot sometimes that he needed two badass girls to remind... more
                      • Absence makes the heart grow fonder - Gigi, Thu Jul 25 12:06
                        “I think if I kissed Elliot’s new bestie and broke him, my life would be in danger.” Gigi snorted. Phippen was a twig with thrill issues, he couldn’t lay a hand on Sadie. Oh but then Harris was the... more
                        • So do other things - Sadie, Thu Jul 25 16:32
                          It didn’t bother her that Elliot hadn’t come out to her or whatever. Honestly, she couldn’t imagine her friend ever having to come out. He liked people and, like, his whole family was some flavor of... more
                          • Like cake - Gigi, Thu Jul 25 17:38
                            “Well, who says we have to only kiss boys?” Sadie said. “We just pointed out how most of them here aren’t really that kissable, anyway.” If Gigi looked like a mega hard transfiguration problem was... more
                            • Now I want cake - Sadie, Sat Jul 27 16:41
                              Right, Elliot mentioned that Gigi seemed to have a hard time remembering that gay people existed. She’d never “seen a gay person” before, according to him, which made her laugh. Dear, sweet summer... more
    • Swimming! - DJ Finn, Fri Jun 21 12:53
      DJ had spent the midterm hanging out with little sister Evie. They had spent most of the midterm surfing Mom and Dad had joined them a lot. They had also spent a few days over Christmas with Uncle... more
      • Splashing! - Andrew Tennant, Fri Jul 5 09:19
        Midterm had been a nice break for Drew. Hanging out with just Madeleine was great. Madeleine just wanted to play dress-up and color and practice first-year spells, and Drew could seriously get behind ... more
        • Going under - DJ, Wed Jul 10 08:40
          DJ was glad to see the person he had spoken to was Drew. The angry thoughts after the punch that had lingered between them had been resolved while taking care of the baby together before the midterm. ... more
          • To mysterious fathoms below? - Drew, Fri Jul 19 13:39
            Things between Drew and DJ were better now, thank Merlin. Raising their fake baby brought them closer together, because it was really hard to keep being mad at someone when you knew your kid had kept ... more
    • Do we have to? - Nolan Ramsey, Tue Jun 18 21:40
      Professor Blackburn had dropped a few ranks in Nolan’s eyes by assigning homework over the break. Didn’t he know people had things to do? Things like figuring out how to get your intended’s family to ... more
      • Unless you have an exit strategy? - Leopold Harris, Thu Jun 20 18:11
        When Leo arrived home for the break it shouldn’t have been a surprise to find that during his absence his bedroom had passed into new ownership but, finding his baby brother, Junior, occupying what... more
        • We’ll just keep swimming - Nolan, Wed Jul 3 00:11
          “Thanks.” People said Leo had the temperament of a glumbumble, but he was an alright guy in Nolan’s book. He put more work into the AgriClub than pretty much anyone else (except maybe Marley, who... more
          • We swim, swim, swim - Leo, Thu Jul 18 18:38
            Leo had lots of hobbies. When he had first arrived at RMI as an angry a sprightly young boy Leopold had thrown himself into the school’s many extracurriculars with a surprising amount of persistence... more
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