All in good time
Wed Jul 3, 2019 03:58

A lot of Sadie’s time on the Pitch was spent between three activities: Quidditch nonsense, tackling the rock wall, and using it to access the secret passageways. Her first year at Rocky Mountain International, the tanned skin girl had been a Chaser for Cetus. It wasn’t her favorite position, but she’d done it well. If she put her mind to something, she was going to kick ass at it. Of the things to do at RMI, Quidditch was one of the more interesting options, so she was going to do great. It’d been a relief, though, when she got moved up to Beater this year. Plus, Andrew Tennant was both a good partner and good to look at. Having spent some holidays together did not change her opinion on all of that.

Was he taking Magizoo?

Before Sadie could pick him out from the crowd, she was joined by Gigi, who totally answered her question. The Cetus thought about it.

“I dunno if I’d marry the hot professor,” she added her two cents. “And I dunno if I would kill Harris. Maybe I’d switch it? Like, yeah, Harris is,” she waved her hand as some kind of all encompassing gesture to describe Euguene’s Leopold, “But it’s not like a single professor makes a lot. Not that I’d marry for money, but…” she made a face. “Actually, you know what, you’ve totally got it right.”

“If you were dating a merman, would you prefer him to be top half man, bottom half fish, or top half fish, bottom half man?”

“Top half man,” Sadie answered without even thinking, “He could kiss and he’d have hands. What else does he need?"

  • No fun to look but not touch - Georgina Philpott, Fri Jun 28 07:14
    As a second year Beater for the actual best team in the school, Gigi knew she had to get her own broomstick soon, but two years in didn’t seem any less keen than one year in. She wasn’t some annoying ... more
    • All in good time - Sadie, Wed Jul 3 03:58
      • Is that a promise? - Georgina, Wed Jul 3 04:52
        Sadie debated Gigi’s answers like they were being presented for discussion. It was cool, but it wasn’t like the Aquila put that much thought into it. Even so as Sadie talked through her answers, Gigi ... more
        • If that's your interpretation - Sadie, Wed Jul 3 19:38
          Good thing Eugene wasn’t here to see Gigi choke on the popcorn. He might have thought Sadie poisoned the snacks after all and tried to murder her friend. If Sadie were to go, she definitely didn’t... more
          • I'll hold you to it - Gigi, Fri Jul 5 08:22
            Sadie’s tan cheeks blushed pink, and Gigi almost felt bad. Corrupting the innocent was only okay in a few situations. Like, she wouldn’t go around telling small children that Father Christmas didn’t... more
            • I totally replied right away right yup - Sadie, Fri Jul 19 14:48
              It wasn’t that Sadie wanted to know what kissing Elliot was like. She wanted to know what kissing in general was like. Sadie hadn’t managed to have that experience yet, even though she knew she... more
              • Worth the wait - Gigi, Sat Jul 20 14:34
                Gigi knew she could rely on Sadie to keep her secret. “I refuse to be the one to spoon feed his ego,” said the Cetus. They were both in agreement about that: the last thing Phippen needed was a... more
                • I'll try not to make you wait longer - Sadie, Wed Jul 24 15:34
                  Sadie liked having Gigi around. Having someone else in her life who would keep Elliot in check was great. He was such a dumb and impulsive idiot sometimes that he needed two badass girls to remind... more
                  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder - Gigi, Thu Jul 25 12:06
                    “I think if I kissed Elliot’s new bestie and broke him, my life would be in danger.” Gigi snorted. Phippen was a twig with thrill issues, he couldn’t lay a hand on Sadie. Oh but then Harris was the... more
                    • So do other things - Sadie, Thu Jul 25 16:32
                      It didn’t bother her that Elliot hadn’t come out to her or whatever. Honestly, she couldn’t imagine her friend ever having to come out. He liked people and, like, his whole family was some flavor of... more
                      • Like cake - Gigi, Thu Jul 25 17:38
                        “Well, who says we have to only kiss boys?” Sadie said. “We just pointed out how most of them here aren’t really that kissable, anyway.” If Gigi looked like a mega hard transfiguration problem was... more
                        • Now I want cake - Sadie, Sat Jul 27 16:41
                          Right, Elliot mentioned that Gigi seemed to have a hard time remembering that gay people existed. She’d never “seen a gay person” before, according to him, which made her laugh. Dear, sweet summer... more
                          • I have no cake to offer - Gigi, Sun Jul 28 04:47
                            Sadie rolled her eyes, which was legitimately the best reaction to Gigi’s frustration. If her friend got mad back at her, Gigi would have extended her middle finger and walked away. If Sadie got... more
                            • I chose something better than cake - Sadie, Mon Jul 29 17:42
                              She saw the understanding click on Gigi’s face and Sadie grinned. There, now she got it. This was the time for them to figure out what they liked, right? They weren’t old enough for... more
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