I'll hold you to it
Fri Jul 5, 2019 08:22

Sadie’s tan cheeks blushed pink, and Gigi almost felt bad. Corrupting the innocent was only okay in a few situations. Like, she wouldn’t go around telling small children that Father Christmas didn’t exist, and she wouldn’t talk about sex in front of Eugene in their year, because he was so naive and adorable and weird, but she didn’t think bringing up trouser snakes to a girl who just asked if she’d pineapple a teacher was a big issue. Her conscience clear, Gigi indulged in a snicker at Sadie’s expense.

So it turned out lover boy did kiss and tell. That was important information to file away for later. Georgina cared zero percent who he told about her, but it could be fun in future to discover who was canoodling with whom, and that would be easier if people were happy to share stories of swapping saliva.

Her fellow second year leaned in a little closer, like there was some great conspiracy or something, which tickled Gigi so she leaned in, too, for fun. Sadie asked, “How was it? What was it like?”

Now that was a question. It had been like kissing a nerd that she didn’t fancy but liked to hang out with. There was no sudden backing orchestra, like in the chick flicks Karinder liked to watch, playing to a crescendo when moist lips smushed together. There were no butterflies suddenly taking over her stomach, no fireworks exploding in her mind. It was nice. It was fun, and sort of exhilarating, and she would probably do it again. Not that she would seek him out for that, because she liked the daily back and forth with her Housemate, mostly made up of insults and mockery, but just if the situation set itself up again one day, like it had in astronomy class, she wouldn’t turn it down.

Of course if Gigi said anything like that to Sadie it would get back to lover boy, and she couldn’t have his head getting so big it wouldn’t fit through the hole into the Aquila commons. She looked squarely at Sadie. “It was like kissing a walrus with a cold.”

She let the comment stand for a moment, then grinned. She couldn’t do that to her lover boy. “That is the official story, anyway. Between you and me, it was pretty good. A solid seven. Definitely not my worst.” She shrugged. “Do not tell him I said that. I swear if I have to see that cocky half-arsed smile of his I might smack it straight off his face.”

  • If that's your interpretation - Sadie, Wed Jul 3 19:38
    Good thing Eugene wasn’t here to see Gigi choke on the popcorn. He might have thought Sadie poisoned the snacks after all and tried to murder her friend. If Sadie were to go, she definitely didn’t... more
    • I'll hold you to it - Gigi, Fri Jul 5 08:22
      • I totally replied right away right yup - Sadie, Fri Jul 19 14:48
        It wasn’t that Sadie wanted to know what kissing Elliot was like. She wanted to know what kissing in general was like. Sadie hadn’t managed to have that experience yet, even though she knew she... more
        • Worth the wait - Gigi, Sat Jul 20 14:34
          Gigi knew she could rely on Sadie to keep her secret. “I refuse to be the one to spoon feed his ego,” said the Cetus. They were both in agreement about that: the last thing Phippen needed was a... more
          • I'll try not to make you wait longer - Sadie, Wed Jul 24 15:34
            Sadie liked having Gigi around. Having someone else in her life who would keep Elliot in check was great. He was such a dumb and impulsive idiot sometimes that he needed two badass girls to remind... more
            • Absence makes the heart grow fonder - Gigi, Thu Jul 25 12:06
              “I think if I kissed Elliot’s new bestie and broke him, my life would be in danger.” Gigi snorted. Phippen was a twig with thrill issues, he couldn’t lay a hand on Sadie. Oh but then Harris was the... more
              • So do other things - Sadie, Thu Jul 25 16:32
                It didn’t bother her that Elliot hadn’t come out to her or whatever. Honestly, she couldn’t imagine her friend ever having to come out. He liked people and, like, his whole family was some flavor of... more
                • Like cake - Gigi, Thu Jul 25 17:38
                  “Well, who says we have to only kiss boys?” Sadie said. “We just pointed out how most of them here aren’t really that kissable, anyway.” If Gigi looked like a mega hard transfiguration problem was... more
                  • Now I want cake - Sadie, Sat Jul 27 16:41
                    Right, Elliot mentioned that Gigi seemed to have a hard time remembering that gay people existed. She’d never “seen a gay person” before, according to him, which made her laugh. Dear, sweet summer... more
                    • I have no cake to offer - Gigi, Sun Jul 28 04:47
                      Sadie rolled her eyes, which was legitimately the best reaction to Gigi’s frustration. If her friend got mad back at her, Gigi would have extended her middle finger and walked away. If Sadie got... more
                      • I chose something better than cake - Sadie, Mon Jul 29 17:42
                        She saw the understanding click on Gigi’s face and Sadie grinned. There, now she got it. This was the time for them to figure out what they liked, right? They weren’t old enough for... more
                        • Kissing is better than cake, yup - Gigi, Tue Jul 30 12:34
                          Weird. Weird. Weird. Knowing Sadie, and knowing herself, Gigi should have guessed what was about to happen. She figured it out when foot bling was moving in towards her, but even then she half... more
                          • Kiss first, cake after! - Sadie, Wed Jul 31 19:28
                            This wasn’t what she thought her first kiss would be. When Sadie let herself imagine the big event, she did actually set it somewhere like a Quidditch Pitch. That part was pretty accurate. The other... more
                            • Must be time for cake - Gigi, Thu Aug 1 06:26
                              “And let Elliot think he’s anywhere near your league? No way.” Gigi cackled. Poor tech nerd, he didn’t stand a chance at getting a good snogging rep if these stories circulated the way Gigi hoped... more
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