Andrew Tennant
Fri Jul 5, 2019 09:19

Midterm had been a nice break for Drew. Hanging out with just Madeleine was great. Madeleine just wanted to play dress-up and color and practice first-year spells, and Drew could seriously get behind that. He’d shown her alohomora, although later he realized that might not be the kind of spell his Nancy Drew-idolizing sister should have in her arsenal, but the unlocking spell had been a compromise because she’d been begging him to teach her incendio, which Drew definitely didn’t want to be responsible for Madeleine knowing. Drew had already had to explain one big problem he’d caused to his dad this school year; he wasn’t going to add arson to the list.

But it was nice to have all the people he was worried about talking to outside of RMI for a few weeks. It gave him time to think. Although actually he’d done a whole lot of thinking and not a whole lot of problem-solving, so maybe time wasn’t the thing he needed. For now he’d decided that he was going to do absolutely nothing different and hope that that worked out fine. And it was working out fine (not that they were very far into this semester, but Drew would take what he could get).

Magizoobotany was a great class for getting your mind off things you’d spent all break thinking about, because you needed to use your whole brain to take care of magical creatures. And because certain people weren’t taking the class. That helped a lot. During the introduction to the lesson Drew’s eyes kept flicking to Darlene in her swimsuit—like, wow, just wow—but then it was time to get into the water and Drew actually started paying attention. To the lesson. He’d been paying attention before, but to—to non-lesson things.

Eating the gillyweed was like swallowing a live baby octopus. If Drew had eaten calamari before, he would’ve sworn off it then, but he hadn’t and didn’t. He wasn’t ready for how fast it would take effect: one moment he was totally fine, and the next he was choking like the air had suddenly turned into stinksap. But Drew just cannonballed into the water and he could breathe again, so long as he kept his neck his gills submerged. He wound up near DJ, who seemed to have already gotten the hang of swimming. Drew was a good swimmer—good enough that he’d taught Remington how to swim—but swimming with newly-webbed hands and feet was a whole different kettle of fish.

Haha. Fish.

“Bet you could,” he said to DJ. Okay, so the main problem was that you needed water to breathe once you’d taken gillyweed, but that could be solved with… “You just need, like, the opposite of a bubble-head charm. Keep the water on your neck. Then you could surf.”

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