As long as I don't get your goat!
Fri Jan 20, 2017 06:54

Teal flushed pink when she saw she’d poked her yearmate Claudia. The other girl looked annoyed at the lesson, and the poke probably didn’t help. Well, if Teal had realized she’d partnered up with someone un-fun, she would’ve greeted them in an un-fun way. Still, Claudia was smart, so together they had a decent change at the chocolate frogs. At the back of her mind, she knew Professor McKindy told them to work with firsties, but if there weren’t any immediately around, and Claudia wanted to get started right away, that wasn’t Teal’s fault, was it?

The Cetus had pointed out a bucket. Teal nodded vigorously because she wanted Claudia to like her, and because maybe getting the sled from all the way far away was going to be hard. Rolling up her sleeves, Teal turned toward the pitch, but she was interrupted by an unfamiliar voice. A boy’s voice. Ew, boys.

And a firstie! Teal knew he was a firstie because she didn’t recognize him, and she recognized everyone else in her year & the year above. “I think going right across would probably be fastest. What if we pulled the sled and some sticks to us with the rope, levitated the sled, got on, and used the sticks to propel ourselves across?” Well, well, well, a smart firstie! Or an ambitious one, at the least. Teal raised her eyebrows, considering.

“A bold plan! I was just gonna push the sled across, but maybe we could all levitate it.” Teal was pretty sure they couldn’t all levitate it. Not with all three of them aboard. Maybe if one person got over, they could pull the other two? Or they could shuttle someone back and forth? Like that puzzle thing with the kneazle and the rat and the cheese, except no one here was going to eat anyone else. Waffles were way tastier than first-years.

“Not a bad idea-- for a first year,” she continued, superiorly. Now that she wasn’t the youngest in the school, it was time to be a proper older sibling. And that meant keeping the obnoxious young ones in their place. Not in their place, really, but Teal wanted this new boy to know who was really in charge around here. Although so far he seemed like a smart boy, so maybe Teal could make an exception.

“What’s your name?” She asked in a friendlier tone. “I’m Teal, and I’m a Draco, and this is Claudia, and she’s a Cetus. And I do like your plan with the sled, but I’m not sure we can all fit on it at once.” Teal had no intentions of getting smushed next to a firstie boy, and she didn’t think Claudia did either.

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