Dhruv Bansal
Early morning adventures
Wed Jan 11, 2017 04:08

Dhruv swallowed the last of his hot chocolate and sat back with a sigh. Tall prairie grass chugged past the nearby window as sunlight swayed gently over the second-year’s face. It was 7:30 am, and the Diner was empty save for a small handful of students sitting quietly at scattered tables. With a short yawn and a long stretch Dhruv began packing up his bag, placing his copy of One Hundred Lifehacks for Potions Students in last.

He scooted out of his chair and began making his way to the Draco Common Room before abruptly changing directions. Class wouldn’t start for a while, and the thought of a quick jaunt on a broomstick was too much to resist. A few twists and turns down hallways led Dhruv right onto the Quidditch Pitch, which had decided to feature blue, cloudless skies that day. A light breeze whipped up his hair as he walked over to the shed where RMI’s broomsticks were kept.

Dhruv had been gifted his own broomstick over the summer. Even though he hadn’t tried out for the Draco Quidditch team last year, his mom had recognized his growing interest in the sport and, as always, had taken steps to encourage his curiosity. He’d completed a short Quidditch boot camp before the school year had started and that had boosted his confidence enough to convince him to tryout for the team this year. This morning he was only looking for a short ride to appreciate the weather and it didn’t seem worth it to go all the way to his room when he could check out a school broom so easily.

After signing his name on the check out sheet, Dhruv grabbed the nearest broom and dusted it off haphazardly. He dropped his bag by the shed door before getting settled on the broomstick. Just as he was about to lift off he heard a short shout coming from the entrance to the Pitch. He turned around to see someone – he couldn’t make out quite who just yet – making their way over to him. He hadn’t expected anyone else to show up to the Pitch this early, but he wouldn’t mind some company today. Hovering a few feet above the ground, he waited for whomever it was to reach him.

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      • Nothing wrong with a bit of company - Dhruv Bansal, Tue Jan 17 02:25
        Dhruv shielded his eyes as the figure drew closer. He was a sociable kid and even though he was only a second-year he could recognize pretty much everyone from RMI. So it quickly became apparent that ... more
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