Danger is just another word for adventure
Sat Jan 21, 2017 00:04

“Having no pockets is, like, a fashion thing?” She pulled a face. “I don't really get it. My gran says it's something about girls needing to look skinnier, but my mum says it's cause the clothing companies are cheap and don't wanna spend extra money on fabric for pockets. I think that makes a bit more sense. I mean, why is skinny a fashion thing?” At the same time, though, it didn't actually make sense, because whenever she walked around the mall she saw that girl clothes always cost more than boy clothes so surely the companies could afford to make pockets that were large enough to hold more than a nickle. But there was a reason why they normally went clothes-shopping at the secondhand store.

Both her mum and her dad liked to rant about capitalism. That, and being environmentally-friendly. Needless to say, very few things were bought new in either the Chapman or the Allen household. Marley's willow wand was probably the only new item she owned right now.

The boy made a great suggestion, and Marley bounced with excitement. “That's so smart! We definitely shouldn't let anyone else cheat off us!” She led the way to the cardboard and plonked down cross-legged, remembering just in time to make sure that her shoelaces weren't dragging on the grass. “Okay so, I've never done this rope spell before,” she informed him, pulling her wand out from her sleeve. After struggling to decide how to carry it last year, she'd spent some of the summer trying out different options. Pants pockets were obviously a no-go, and tucking it under her belt worked but only on days that she was actually wearing a belt, and her robes had nice big pockets on the inside but were too flappy and hot for her to be comfortable in regularly. Long-sleeved shirts, however, had worked pretty well so far, and that was what she'd stuck with for now.

“But I'm totally sure it will work. I mean, I'm pretty good.” She neglected to mention that this confidence hadn't exactly lined up with her grades last year. “Oh!” she exclaimed, turning her head to grin at him again. “I'm Marley, by the way. I'm in Draco. It's probably good that we meet, if we're gonna be working together and all, right?”

Turning back around, she looked for an object sturdy enough to take some weight. There was a newspaper nearby, which wouldn't help, and a brick, which was probably too small. But then she spotted what looked like a random car tire sitting a few metres away. “That looks like our best bet!” She jabbed her wand at it. “Hah, right. Umm... Carpe Retractum.” There was a bit of smoke, which was weird, but then a slightly frayed golden string flew out of her wand, waving erractically before looping around the tire. “Awesome!” Marley happily passed the end of the rope back to the boy and began tugging on it, hoping it wouldn't break.

  • That seems potentially dangerous - Dade, Mon Jan 16 06:26
    It seemed as though Dade had managed to be partnered with the chattiest girl on the planet. It meant he didn’t have to talk much, which was great, but it also meant he had to listen to her, which... more
    • Danger is just another word for adventure - Marley, Sat Jan 21 00:04
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