As long as you find a rhyming quote
Sat Jan 21, 2017 09:52

A first year student did join them, and Claudia was again pulled in opposing emotional directions, this time between relief that she was not longer ignoring Professor McKindy’s stipulation to work with a first year, and disappointment than she couldn't just practise wandwork with Teal, rather than teach an unfamiliar first year.

Disappointment was winning out as the first year suggested they levitate the sled while riding it. A second later, her main emotion was incredulity as Teal declared it to be ‘a bold plan’.

“It’s a terrible plan,” Claudia countered calmly. “Firstly we would not all fit upon the sled, secondly casting magic in tandem takes practise.” She looked at the first year, wondering whether he’d even used a wand before. She knew Teal had used a wand, as they had been in classes together all year, but she apparently didn't pay attention to magical theory.

“Not to mention you can’t levitate yourself or be upon the object you are trying to levitate,” she pointed out. She didn't bother to explain about repulsion forces but she did consider pointing out that if witches and wizards could just make anything float for a ride then nobody would walk anywhere ever, and magic carpets and broomsticks would become obsolete.

Perhaps it was lucky that Teal interjected with introductions at that point. Claudia did make an effort to smile, but then she sighed, resigned to a ridiculous class. She noticed that the first year did already have his own metal disc, but Claudia didn't want to depend on someone she didn't know to not drop it and make her start again, so she went to retrieve two more discs, one each for herself and for Teal. “Here,” she passed it to her yearmate.

Looking at the course again, Claudia could easily see a sensible route that involved stepping on some items, making a bridge with others, and only necessitated using the new spell once, but her scheme did not involve the sled. She thought that might be a problem for her colleagues, and whilst Claudia liked to succeed, she didn't really like to be in a position of leadership. “We can use the bucket if you still want to get to the sled,” she repeated her earlier suggestion. “Or maybe we could levitate over that trash can lid, use that to get to the ladder and step across the rungs to that island with the pillows.”

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    • As long as you find a rhyming quote - Claudia , Sat Jan 21 09:52
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