Hunter Ioma
Maybe the Goat will Float?
Sun Jan 22, 2017 16:35

Hunter put on his pondering face as he listened to all the reasons a hovercraft sled probably wouldn’t work. He had worried it wouldn’t be as simple as he imagined, and from what the girl was saying it sounded like there were more complications that she was glossing over. That meant island hopping probably was the way to go. He still couldn’t see how levitating anything would be useful, though. Not without some way to make them move once they were levitating.

“What’s your name?”

Oh right, names and stuff. He put on a grin and answered after Teal introduced herself and Claudia. “I’m Hunter, I’m a Lyra!”

As Claudia went to get some more discs, Hunter mused out loud. “That’s too bad about the sled. If we could just zoom across without having to stop at each island, that would’ve been cool.”

When Claudia came back with the discs he watched as she scanned the course. He could practically see the wheels turning in her head and was eager to hear her plan.

“Or maybe we could levitate over that trash can lid, use that to get to the ladder and step across the rungs to that island with the pillows.”

Hunter put on his pondering face again. The plan had plenty of details and Claudia was certainly confident about it, so that seemed good. He still didn’t understand how to make something move once levitated, but neither of the older girls seemed worried about that, so he figured he was just missing something.

Hunter pulled his wand out of his pocket, stepped up to the edge of the red grass, and sized up the trash can lid Claudia had pointed out before responding with a shake of his head.

“If we can’t zoom right across, I don’t know how useful the sled would be. But… once the trash can lid is floating… how do we get it over here? The rope?”

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