Company and broomsticks -- what more can you ask for?
Sun Jan 22, 2017 23:52

“Dhruv, is it? Nice to meet you, I’m Tains! And really? Seeker? ”

Tains was impressed. She’d never been able to gain enough speed to be a Seeker and admired anyone who was able to. She didn’t even notice his stumble.

“I’m actually going to be Beater for Cetus. I’ve always played the position so I figured I’d just continue…”

Tains had been playing Quidditch since she was eight. When she’d first moved in with her father, it had been one of the few things about magic she could comprehend in the instant. In her old neighborhood, she and the other kids on her block would kick an old, half deflated soccer ball around an empty lot, bragging about their inevitable rise through the community soccer team and eventually FIFA. Quidditch was the only thing that had been a near seamless transition. Granted, she’d had to get used to the whole floating off the ground and the complete lack of penalties but she felt those things added a certain spice to it all.

“I’d love to join you though!” Tains said. “Let me go grab a broom!”

Tains ran off, quickly signed out a broom with a half scribbled signature and ran back. She hadn’t wanted to keep Dhruv waiting -- so far, he’d been the only other Quidditch player she’d worked up the guts to speak to.

“I haven’t had the time to use a broom lately. There’s just been so much stuff to do for class!” Tains hopped on, getting back into the feel of things. “Just like riding a bike! Well, minus the wheels. You never really forget though do you? How long have you been playing Quidditch? You seem like you know your stuff.”

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    • Company and broomsticks -- what more can you ask for? - Tains, Sun Jan 22 23:52
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