Wonderful, they call me wonderful
Mon Jan 23, 2017 06:37

When Beatriz suggested using tires, Connor looked over to where she was looking and she was right - there were several tires there. The Cetus frowned. He wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. Since the other two were first years, Connor assumed that the wisest and safest thing for them to do was for him to take responsibility for the rope charm. On the other hand, tires were heavy and the heavier an object the harder it was to levitate. Could a pair of first years do it? Maybe together. Connor wasn’t sure if he himself would be able to, even though he was good at Spellwork and a second year. Plus, once they cast the rope charm they would have to pull the tires towards them, which sounded like it required a lot of physical strength.

Overall, Connor didn’t think this was a good idea.

To Connor’s utter and complete surprise, before he’d had time to voice his concerns to the other two students, Alistair had already pulled his wand out - and was managing to levitate the tire?! Connor was shocked. Maybe this wasn’t the first time Alistair had done magic? Or maybe he was just really lucky? Or had a natural talent for Spellwork? EIther way, Connor began to feel a little superfluous on the team. Maybe he should have gotten a partner instead of working in a group of three. He spun the spinner ring on the index finger of his left hand, then pulled his own wand out.

“Okay, let’s try,” he said. Connor jabbed his wand and said the incantation. Nothing happened. He tried again, this time more forcefully. A rope shot out of the tip of his wand, but it was very thin (more like string) and didn’t make it as far as the tire. The second year gritted his teeth. This lesson was making him look stupid and he hated looking stupid. He adjusted his robes disgruntledly, then jabbed his wand at the tire again, this time almost yelling the incantation. This time, a relatively solid rope shot out of the tip of his wand and hit the tire, encircling one side. Connor refrained from congratulating himself, thinking about how this was the expectation for the class, not something special he had accomplished.

With a tug, Connor began to pull the levitating tire over to him. It was heavy. He turned to Beatriz, who didn’t have anything to do at the moment. “Hey, can you help me pull this in?” Connor asked, teeth gritted as he slowly yanked the tire towards them.

  • Books are a wonderful thing - Alistair Hazelhurst, Mon Jan 16 17:23
    Alistair smiled as Connor introduced himself. "Pleasure to meet you Connor. I'm in Cetus as well." Watching Connor, Alistair could tell that he was trying to put on a mature face in front of himself... more
    • Wonderful, they call me wonderful - Connor, Mon Jan 23 06:37
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