Let's do it to it!
Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:03

Remington was relieved that she’d flagged down someone to be in a group with her. And the older student actually looked familiar, which meant they must have been a Draco. From what she could tell, Draco didn’t make up much of the already small student body. It seemed like the house liked to keep to itself more than the others did. Cetus tended to be social, Lyra was dramatic, and Aquila loved attention. Draco? Even though Bryn had told her some things about their house at the feast, she hadn’t come up with a solid definition on what their house was. Studious? Quiet?

The older student introduced himself, confirming Remington’s suspicions that he was a Draco. She smiled. “I’m Remington. Um, Draco, too, but it seems like you already figured that out.” So maybe ‘observant’ was the word for Draco.

“So. Where do you think we should start?”

Remington hesitated and opened up her notebook once again. She tried to make sense of the instructions she scribbled down; she wasn’t entirely sure they were in order. She wished that Professor McKindy had them written somewhere. It would have been so much easier to keep up if there were a pre-made point of reference.

So they had to get across the field carrying a metal disk with them. They had to make sure their bodies, and the disks, didn’t touch the red, or they’d have to start over. That much, Remington could follow. It was when all of the spells and materials were introduced that she started to feel overwhelmed by it all. The only times she got to study magic was one on one with a tutor when she was attending Muggle schools; it was the same for that brief period of time when her mom wanted to try homeschooling, too. She wasn’t used to learning magic in a huge group of people. The instruction part went faster than she thought it would, and they were left to a lot of student driven work. It wasn’t a bad thing; she needed to adjust.

“Well,” she said after a moment’s pause, “Can you do all of Professor McKindy’s spells? I think knowing what we can do is the first step.”

  • Let's do this. - Dhruv Bansal, [Draco], Thu Jan 19 05:18
    Dhruv liked Professor McKindy. He was a pretty funny guy. Kinda awkward, but not as weird as Professor Bennett. Plus the hat was cool. Especially now that the second-year knew it was actually made of ... more
    • Let's do it to it! - Remington, Mon Jan 23 12:03
      • Woo! - Dhruv, Thu Feb 2 19:50
        Dhruv smiled, bemused, as Remington flipped through her notebook. The second-year had been blessed with a fantastic memory, so taking notes in class wasn’t something he troubled himself with. That... more
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