Lucien Dubois
So apparently my costume is a villain?
Mon Jan 30, 2017 00:47

Halloween wasn’t his favourite holiday, but it wasn’t the worst, either.

As the middle sibling, he’d never had the opportunity to come up with his own costume idea prior to attending RMI; for every October that he had been in Québec, he had been dragged into his sister’s group costume schemes. To be fair, Naomi was a little more creative-minded when it came to that sort of thing, which was something that irked him but he had played along with when they were younger because Emile reacted to her ideas so enthusiastically, and how could he let his baby brother down? So he had bit back his protests and let Naomi boss them all around, right down to the small details of what position to strike when they shouted trick-or-treats and waited for doors to swing open.

Then he had started at RMI, and he hadn’t needed to play along with her any more. He hadn’t attended Halloween events at all, actually, until his third year, which was when Naomi arrived and had promptly begun hounding him again. Fortunately, it had been easy to ignore her puppy-dog-eyes without Emile around to add to them, and he’d had the good fortune to avoid any further group costumes. Naomi and Alphonse had dressed up together with increasingly more elaborate ideas as their eldest brother’s Spellwork classes progressed, whereas Lucien had pulled together combinations of clothing and props that he could almost pass off as his everyday attire while still arguing as being costume-esque. One year he had been a vampire student, reading up on Blood-replenishing Potions for fun in an advanced textbook. Another year he had gone as a Muggle and used it as an excuse to finish writing a Cultural Studies essay on electricity.

His “costumes” usually involved finding some way to integrate schoolwork. These parties always got boring after a while, and he had been looking forward to skipping out on them entirely now that Naomi was gone.

But that wasn’t quite how it was going this year. He and Francine were officially dating, which was amazing, and Francine happened to be an extremely loud fan of Halloween, which was of course not a deal-breaker for him but not exactly a big perk, either. The plus-side of Francine making him go to the Halloween party was that for possibly the first time ever, he was guaranteed the party wouldn’t be boring; he wasn’t going to get any schoolwork done this time (there had been no easy way to carry a book wearing this) but so far, he and Francine had a 100% track record of having... fun... at school parties. That was a much better record than he had prior to Francine. Lucien was absolutely confident that if this party started to drag, he could persuade her to join him in a quieter corner of the Pitch. He smirked at the thought.

And then his smile faded almost immediately, because the down-side was that he was, well, wearing this. What even was this?

It wasn’t the worst group costume he had been stuffed into, but it wasn’t his favourite, either.

Feeling self-conscious, Lucien glanced back down at the thin slabs of silvery boards they had worked together to charm and colour. Francine had assured him it looked like armour, but he knew his wandwork wasn’t that good and felt fairly certain it looked no better than if a Muggle had painted some cardboard cutouts. He had also sought her approval on the weird crown thing; he doubted it would’ve turned out anything like it was supposed to otherwise. The cape, on the other hand, had gone very well. As a Draco, red-lined robes were easy to come by, and he’d dug out an old one to cut down to size. He had insisted on surprising her with the final result, because yes he could manage some things by himself, but he was starting to question that now.

Managing some things by himself had ultimately required a trip to Pearl Street, where he’d located spray-on hair dye in a violent shade of orange-red, a fake beard, and the green paint Francine had recommended. Also a long foam sword. Now his jaw was itching ferociously and he was reluctant to touch anything but the sword handle, as his hands were a bit sweaty and the paint was starting to rub off. Lucien let out a huff of air through his nose. The subsequent inhalation of slightly painty fumes and tickle of a stray orange beard-hair caused him to sneeze. Jeesh, where was Francine to distract him? Was she late? She better not be. She’d been the one who wanted him in this ‘Ganon’ costume in the first place. He didn’t even know what it was, aside from being some type of game character that she wanted him to dress up as, and he’d wanted to make her happy so he did it but that didn’t mean it made him happy--

Oh, shit. There was Nick. Who was supposedly dressed to match his and Francine’s costume, not that Lucien could tell. Freezing up momentarily, Lucien recovered from the surprise of seeing the other boy and quickly shuffled to make a ninety-degree turn to the side, pretending he hadn’t seen him and trying to maintain some optimism that Nick hadn’t seen him, either. (Unlikely, considering his costume.) He had previously considered Nick his friend, and still did, kind of, but that had been before he started dating his twin sister. Unsure of the proper protocol for that sort of situation, Lucien had opted just not to say anything at all to Nick after the party, figuring that was the least awkward option. Cat was out of the bag now, though.

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    • So apparently my costume is a villain? - Lucien Dubois, Mon Jan 30 00:47
      • That's okay, I'm a hero - Nick Holtz, Mon Jan 30 10:55
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            • Good for you. - Lucien, Tue Jan 31 20:03
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