Doesn't quite sound "okay" to me
Mon Jan 30, 2017 13:42

Oh, shit, again. From the corner of his eye, he could see Nick coming over. This had the potential to be the first real interaction they’d had in, well, a while, and he wholly expected the worst to come out of it. Lucien had tried to imagine their situation from Nick’s perspective, but hadn’t been able to. He had acquired some experience (more than his fair share, really) in the situation of ‘so the person you’re dating decides to run off with your sibling instead’, but his experience was nil in the categories of both ‘so you’re dating your roommate/casual friend’s sibling’ and ‘so your roommate/casual friend is dating your sibling’. He had therefore been unable to decide how he should react or predict how Nick might.

For not the first time in recent weeks, he found himself wishing that Alphonse had dated more over their time at RMI together. This would have likely come across to others as being a weird thing for him to wish for, but it made sense. His older brother had only ever dated people in his own year or above, so Lucien had never been friends with his girlfriends prior to being introduced to them as, well, his brother’s girlfriend. If he had, then maybe he would be able to properly put himself in Nick’s shoes now and reassure himself that this wasn’t as big a deal as it seemed.

Admittedly, Lucien didn’t know how he would have reacted to his friends dating Alphonse. Thinking about it in hypotheticals was unproductive. So it was entirely possible that it was actually a big deal, a huge deal, even, and properly putting himself in Nick’s shoes might have resulted in no reassurance whatsoever.

Speculating down that line of thought made him uncomfortable. Hypotheticals might be unproductive, but they still had some effect on him. He fidgeted with his sword and briefly fantasized that it was actually a broom on which he could escape. Except that quickly made him even more uncomfortable, because Nick was much better at broom-flying than he was, not to mention being on the Quidditch team and a Beater at that which meant Lucien’s stereotypical body-of-an-academic stood no chance, and shit for the third time, Nick was here.

Turning back to face him, Lucien managed a smile that was only semi-grimace. “Hey.” The question about Francine (obviously a subtle jab at their relationship) was followed by one about his paint, and Lucien stared at him with some confusion as he debated which to address first. The paint topic was quickly overrun by his desire to point out that just because we’re not glued at the hip doesn’t mean we’ve broken up yet so don’t get your hopes up. Of course he wasn’t going to say that outright, though; he didn’t want to provoke Nick by coming off too strong. He was defensive about his new girlfriend, but that didn’t mean he was lacking in survival instincts!

“I don’t think she’s here yet,” Lucien told Nick, brown eyes darting around briefly in a hopeful scan of the crowd. “We didn’t come together; we were going to meet up, so I’ve just been watching for her. And, well, paint is paint, isn’t it?” The art store he’d gotten the hair spray from had sold pallets emblazoned with some face-paint slogan, but he hadn’t thought the little green disc in the kit would be enough to paint his entire face and instead grabbed a whole bottle that looked like the right colour.

  • That's okay, I'm a hero - Nick Holtz, Mon Jan 30 10:55
    It was Halloween, which meant that Francine was being more over-enthusiastic than normal. Nick had agreed months earlier to a group costume, because that was how far in advance his sister planned for ... more
    • Doesn't quite sound "okay" to me - Lucien , Mon Jan 30 13:42
      • Works out real well for me though - Nick, Tue Jan 31 06:13
        Well at the very least it was nice to know that all of the time that Lucien had spent avoiding him in the last several weeks hadn’t involved doing things Nick didn’t want to think about in odd... more
        • Good for you. - Lucien, Tue Jan 31 20:03
          Lucien couldn’t tell whether his roommate’s remark about paint toxicity was out of genuine concern, in large part because Nick looked like he was on the verge of laughter. His annoyance at this was... more
          • Don't get all green with envy now - Nick, Tue Jan 31 21:01
            All right, Lucien was touchy tonight apparently. Nick fought the urge to roll his eyes as Lucien disregarded the option of bleach. It wasn’t exactly what Nick would suggest as a primary go-to, but... more
            • Lucien supposed he wasn’t too surprised to hear that Francine had been a Halloween enthusiast since early childhood. It fit perfectly with her persona. Didn’t fit his at all, as he well knew, but... more
              • Of course, Nick had played the Legend of Zelda games as a kid. He wasn’t like Francine, who had actually brought her DS with her to school in order to be able to play one of them, but he had played.... more
                • Here! Have some candy! - Shifty Eyes, Wed Feb 1 20:08
                  He sat on top of the rock wall, blending into his surroundings. All that could be seen were his signature yellow eyes, and that was only if the ickle children were looking really, really hard. Oh,... more
                  • ....No. - Lucien, Wed Feb 1 23:35
                    “You think so? Can’t wait to be enlightened,” Lucien responded, his sarcasm deadpan like usual. It was therefore likely only semi-recognizeable as being sarcastic, which was again something quite... more
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