Works out real well for me though
Tue Jan 31, 2017 06:13

Well at the very least it was nice to know that all of the time that Lucien had spent avoiding him in the last several weeks hadn’t involved doing things Nick didn’t want to think about in odd corners of the school. Or at least, if Lucien and Francine hadn’t come to the party together, that was the assumption Nick was going to make. It wasn’t like Francine to be tardy to something to do with Halloween, but it was like Francine to get distracted by something and wander in with no sense of time passing at all. That could easily be what was going on. Or maybe she’s trying to do something else, Nick thought to himself, peering around the party in hopes of spotting his sister. He absolutely would not put it past her to find Frankie and try to convince him of something to do with Nick. Not one bit.

But in potentially more relevant news, Lucien was trying to murder himself with a Halloween costume. So that was pretty funny.

“Yeah uh don’t do that,” Nick said, trying not to laugh. “Paint is kinda toxic.” There were at least three other options Lucien could have used to turn himself green, and yet his roommate had managed to pick the one most likely to give him serious side effects. “If Francine ever coerces you into a costume again, you want to get body paint. It comes in a bottle, usually about this size,” Nick gestured with his hands, marking the size of a twelve-ounce bottle, “and it looks a lot like the fingerpaint kids use.”

The seventh year looked his roommate up and down skeptically. It was pretty obvious Francine had helped with the costume - for all her enthusiasm, Nick considered himself the better costumer - and Lucien looked extremely out of place, even for a Halloweeen party. Nick wondered what to say. He didn’t really want to talk about Lucien’s relationship with Francine, because it was likely that he’d threaten Lucien with a Bludger to the skull if that happened. Nick’s twin was surprisingly resilient, but Nick didn’t think he wanted to see her go through a messy break-up. Other than that they didn’t have a whole lot in common. So Nick stuck with the paint theme.

“Salt water will get it off,” he suggested helpfully. “Or bleach,” he added. Technically putting bleach on your skin was not the greatest of ideas, but as long as you rinsed really well afterwards Nick didn’t see a huge problem with using it to get literal paint off your face. Geez.

  • Doesn't quite sound "okay" to me - Lucien , Mon Jan 30 13:42
    Oh, shit, again. From the corner of his eye, he could see Nick coming over. This had the potential to be the first real interaction they’d had in, well, a while, and he wholly expected the worst to... more
    • Works out real well for me though - Nick, Tue Jan 31 06:13
      • Good for you. - Lucien, Tue Jan 31 20:03
        Lucien couldn’t tell whether his roommate’s remark about paint toxicity was out of genuine concern, in large part because Nick looked like he was on the verge of laughter. His annoyance at this was... more
        • Don't get all green with envy now - Nick, Tue Jan 31 21:01
          All right, Lucien was touchy tonight apparently. Nick fought the urge to roll his eyes as Lucien disregarded the option of bleach. It wasn’t exactly what Nick would suggest as a primary go-to, but... more
          • Lucien supposed he wasn’t too surprised to hear that Francine had been a Halloween enthusiast since early childhood. It fit perfectly with her persona. Didn’t fit his at all, as he well knew, but... more
            • Of course, Nick had played the Legend of Zelda games as a kid. He wasn’t like Francine, who had actually brought her DS with her to school in order to be able to play one of them, but he had played.... more
              • Here! Have some candy! - Shifty Eyes, Wed Feb 1 20:08
                He sat on top of the rock wall, blending into his surroundings. All that could be seen were his signature yellow eyes, and that was only if the ickle children were looking really, really hard. Oh,... more
                • ....No. - Lucien, Wed Feb 1 23:35
                  “You think so? Can’t wait to be enlightened,” Lucien responded, his sarcasm deadpan like usual. It was therefore likely only semi-recognizeable as being sarcastic, which was again something quite... more
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