Good for you.
Tue Jan 31, 2017 20:03

Lucien couldn’t tell whether his roommate’s remark about paint toxicity was out of genuine concern, in large part because Nick looked like he was on the verge of laughter. His annoyance at this was likely just as poorly concealed. Hearing that the paint was toxic didn’t come as a surprise; most things that came to mind were toxic on some level, standard foods and clothing materials included, and large enough quantities could be dangerous. The fact that Nick was specifically pointing out paint as toxic, however, was a little concerning, although his obvious amusement was bumping it into a less-serious mental category.

Glaring at Nick’s hands (if asked he would’ve claimed it was an unintentional glare, although that wasn’t entirely true), he compared the gestured size with what he vaguely remembered of his paint bottle. Nick had cited fingerpaint for reference - as if that helped. Did Lucien look like the type of person who’d grown up mucking his fingers around in paint? He strongly doubted it.

Hmph. Maybe he should have used a colour-changing potion after all. That would have not only saved him the effort of painting, but also let him avoid being stuck in this current conversation of ‘helpful tips’. Except then he would have disappointed Francine and that was No Good. Except now Nick was making him feel ignorant and that was also No Good. Nick had never really struck him as the belittling type, but this was sending him a fairly strong vibe of it, and Lucien could feel his expression darkening the more he talked.

Speaking of ignorance. “Bleach?” he scoffed. “Please. I’m not a moron.” The implication offended him. Nick really must hate him for dating Francine. Why else would he try to trick him into something like that? Lucien didn’t know anything about paint, or art at all, but he was familiar with bleach; it was a key ingredient in the modified herbicide potion his grandfather had invented for their gardens, letting them eliminate some of the magical ingredients that could have a negative effect on materials harvested for wandmaking. The end result absolutely fried weeds and mosses, and he couldn’t begin to imagine what it would do to skin.

“But thanks anyways,” he added begrudgingly. “Probably would’ve gone straight for soap, but saline’s a good idea. I don’t exactly do this kind of thing often. Or not un-coerced, anyways.” He was hot and felt like a mess and he didn’t have a clue why other people thought dressing up in costume was fun. Fidgeting again with the sword, which Francine had said he didn’t need but of course if he had to go all-out with armour then he wanted a sword too, Lucien debated where to go from here and settled for peering around the crowd again for his girlfriend. It couldn’t have been more than a couple minutes since Nick had come up to him, so presumably she still wasn’t here, but a guy could hope.

  • Works out real well for me though - Nick, Tue Jan 31 06:13
    Well at the very least it was nice to know that all of the time that Lucien had spent avoiding him in the last several weeks hadn’t involved doing things Nick didn’t want to think about in odd... more
    • Good for you. - Lucien, Tue Jan 31 20:03
      • Don't get all green with envy now - Nick, Tue Jan 31 21:01
        All right, Lucien was touchy tonight apparently. Nick fought the urge to roll his eyes as Lucien disregarded the option of bleach. It wasn’t exactly what Nick would suggest as a primary go-to, but... more
        • Lucien supposed he wasn’t too surprised to hear that Francine had been a Halloween enthusiast since early childhood. It fit perfectly with her persona. Didn’t fit his at all, as he well knew, but... more
          • Of course, Nick had played the Legend of Zelda games as a kid. He wasn’t like Francine, who had actually brought her DS with her to school in order to be able to play one of them, but he had played.... more
            • Here! Have some candy! - Shifty Eyes, Wed Feb 1 20:08
              He sat on top of the rock wall, blending into his surroundings. All that could be seen were his signature yellow eyes, and that was only if the ickle children were looking really, really hard. Oh,... more
              • ....No. - Lucien, Wed Feb 1 23:35
                “You think so? Can’t wait to be enlightened,” Lucien responded, his sarcasm deadpan like usual. It was therefore likely only semi-recognizeable as being sarcastic, which was again something quite... more
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