Holland Keene
It’s dangerous to go alone!
Tue Jan 31, 2017 21:38

Halloween was the perfect excuse to try crazy makeup things, so that was what Holland had decided to do for Marissa’s party. After a ridiculous amount of deliberation—Holland had actually made a bracket to narrow down their choices—the fifth-year had finally landed on a costume.

Their interpretation of a merperson was more Muggle-inspired than what merpeople actually looked like, because Muggle mermaids were prettier. Holland already owned metallic cerulean leggings patterned with scales. They’d reprised the seafoam-green hair from earlier in the year, and ornamented their hair with small seashells and plastic starfish. Holland had gone back and forth on how revealing they wanted their top to be, and eventually settled on a cream-colored tank top adorned with kelp and brown netting.

As a finishing touch, they’d made it look like there were blue-green scales in patches on their arms and around their eyes. The effect was part makeup (eyeshadow and glitter) and part transfiguration, and Holland was overall very pleased with how it (and their shimmery teal lipstick) looked.

Best of all, they’d gotten to help with other costumes. Danny had asked them to do his mime makeup. Holland was enjoying their role as personal stylist to their fashionably-challenged friends. Most of Holland’s female friends weren’t Lyras, so they’d expected they wouldn’t get to play style consultant much, but Danny and Emmett were good sports about Holland’s enthusiasm for clothing and makeup. It was a symbiotic relationship. The boys got to not look like messes, and Holland got to be the reason for that.

On arriving, Holland walked around a bit, complimenting other people’s costumes and examining the activity stations, before meandering over to the food. Marissa had curated a fantastic assortment, as always, and Holland was happy to see both Muggle and magical items on the table.

Holland grabbed a Cauldron Cake and was just leaving the snacks table when Francine spoke to them. The fifth-year managed not to make a face. A few weeks ago in tech, Francine had mentioned she was dating Lucien, which—well, there was no accounting for taste. Lucien was one of Holland’s least favorite people at RMI, but they liked Francine well enough. Maybe not well enough that they’d want to be friends with Lucien, but well enough. “Sorry, I haven’t seen him,” they said, looking down at the Cetus. Holland was a couple inches taller than the older girl, even barefoot; since the party was on the Quidditch Pitch and was going to be more mingling than dancing, they’d decided to forgo shoes tonight.

They didn’t recognize Francine’s costume, but Francine had obviously put a lot of effort into it. “Your dress is gorgeous,” they told Francine. “And I love the jewelry. Did you transfigure your ears or are they just costume?”

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