Dade Farnon
We could just skip the roaring, really
Wed Feb 1, 2017 16:46

To what appeared to be the surprise of everyone who knew him, Dade had managed to make a friend at RMI. It was partially that Dade, who didnít particularly like people and who people usually didnít particularly like, had managed to make a connection with a human person that wasnít Rose. It was also partially which human person heís managed to make a connection with. Remington, his new friend, was bouncy and bubbly and really liked giant hairbows that, Dade had learned, her dad made for her. The youngest Farnon had never bothered to ascertain whether his new friend was a pureblood or not, partially because he didnít care and partially because Connor did. The longer the two boys were at RMI, the less well they got along. And they hadnít precisely been as thick as thieves to begin with.

And that was why Dade was making an appearance at this party. Thing.

Rose had seemed shocked when Dade had asked for her help to attend the party, and then mildly bemused when he explained why. Remington had insisted that he dress up, but Dade hadnít had any ideas. Finally, heíd settled on being a bowtruckle, because he thought that would be easiest.

His sister had charmed a hat for him that made it look like he had branches sticking out of his head, and had made him a potion that helped his skin change color and texture until it was a silvery kind of color that looked like it was part of a tree. On top of that he just wore normal clothes, which Rose had also spelled to look like part of a tree. Someone who wasnít familiar with magical creatures might think that he was simply wearing a tree costume, but Dade would be more than happy to correct them for being wrong.

But when Dade arrived at the party, there were a lot of people and he couldnít find Remington and he felt really overwhelmed so he beat a hasty retreat to the snacks table, where he figured that he could grab a cauldron cake and then reassess the situation. If he didnít see Remington soon, the dark-haired boy figured, he would just go back to his dorm room and wait for the spells and the potion to wear off - for simplicityís sake, Rose had made sure they wouldnít last longer than four hours.

Unfortunately, there was someone in between him and the cauldron cakes.

Or well, unfortunately for them.

ďYouíre in my way,Ē Dade informed the person, who seemed to be dressed up like a dragon. That was such a lame costume, too.

She turned around and made a questioning noise at him, her mouth full of food. Dade stepped back, disgusted.

ďI said youíre in my way,Ē he snapped.

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    • We could just skip the roaring, really - Dade Farnon, Wed Feb 1 16:46
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