Shifty Eyes
Here! Have some candy!
Wed Feb 1, 2017 20:08

He sat on top of the rock wall, blending into his surroundings. All that could be seen were his signature yellow eyes, and that was only if the ickle children were looking really, really hard.

Oh, how Shifty loved Halloween. All of the kiddos were dressed their best, being all of the things they could be. Their imaginations were limitless, and he loved seeing how they could thrive. Once in a blue moon, a kid would come to a Halloween party dressed as the Manic Panic himself; those were always Shifty’s favorite kids. And they were usually students from Lyra.

Lyra was his favorite house. He wasn’t sure how the kids knew, but they knew.

Little Marissa Kendrick, who was an Aquila and not so little anymore, had asked for help with her Halloween party. Shifty wasn’t necessarily close to the ginger girl, but he remembered her parents. Oh, her parents were such fun, sometimes troublesome little Lyras. They were the most Lyra-like Lyras Shifty had ever seen. Scott threw so many parties, and he was a constant visitor in the Passageways, often for questionable reasons. Little Marissa seemed to take after her dear old daddy that way. Shifty had been much closer with sweet ickle Abigale Embers, so Shifty couldn’t help but have a sweet spot for her daughter!

He gathered all of his things at the top of the rock wall and waited. Then, he decided on his first victims. The two boys were wearing green (in fact, one of them was green, how delightful!) and deep in conversation. Shifty had trouble recognizing all of the students when they were in costume, so he had to guess what surprise to throw at them.

With a cackle, Shifty popped away from the rock wall and appeared with a loud crack! above the two boys. “OOooOOoo!” Shifty made the spooky noise and followed it with a cackle. He let go of the load in his arms, and packages of Mandrake Sours rained down on the boys. They were sour gummi candies in multiple colors that cried, but they were harmless, harmless, harmless. But very sour.

“Happy Hallowee~een!” Shifty cackled once more and disappeared, resuming his position on top of the rock wall. Only his yellow eyes were visible to those really looking for him. And he waited. Who will be my next victim on this spooky night?

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    • Here! Have some candy! - Shifty Eyes, Wed Feb 1 20:08
      • ....No. - Lucien, Wed Feb 1 23:35
        “You think so? Can’t wait to be enlightened,” Lucien responded, his sarcasm deadpan like usual. It was therefore likely only semi-recognizeable as being sarcastic, which was again something quite... more
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